April 2, 2019
Meet Elsa and Anna in Charming Arendelle

Meet Elsa and Anna in Charming Arendelle


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Are your kids dying to meet Anna and Elsa? They can meet the famous sisters at the same time at Disney World. And now that you can Meet Elsa and Anna in Charming Arendelle you wont have to wait in the 5 hour line anymore!

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Anyone else have a Frozen fan in their house?

My kids LOVE Anna and Elsa from Disney’s latest smash hit Frozen. They have the toys, nightgowns, and costumes. We’ve made Frozen crafts and had a Frozen birthday party. But now my kiddos really wanted to meet Anna and Elsa.

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Meet Elsa and Anna in Charming Arendelle

Have you heard of the Frozen 5K?

Back when the movie Frozen first came out kids went NUTS over meeting Anna and Elsa. Cast members in the Magic Kingdom nicknamed the swarm of eager fans that ran, pushed, and shoved to get towards the middle of the Magic Kingdom to get to meet Anna and Elsa the Frozen 5K. Apparently, it got so bad that they had to change how they opened the park. No kidding!

Next, cast members escorted crowds slowly down main street, through the castle and around the carousel. No one is allowed in front of the leading cast members who are slowly, carefully guiding guests to their destination without anyone getting hurt.

But now, they’ve moved again…. you can now meet Anna and Elsa only in Epcot.

Frozen Ride in Norway, Epcot

Where to Meet Anna & Elsa?

Anna and Elsa are in Epcot, Norway Pavilion at Royal Sommerhus. Generally you can see Anna and Elsa during regular park hours. You will want to head straight there ride the new Frozen ride that gets a ridiculously long 3 hour line at times. Then, head to the typically less than 25 minute line to visit the sisters.

The line weaves through the adorable home in Arendelle so kids will be eager to wait as they notice fun details in their air conditioned home.


how to meet anna and elsa at Disney World

How to see Anna and Elsa while only waiting 15-30 minutes!

Thankfully, Frozen fever (pun intended) has passed and with a little planning you can easily see Anna and Elsa without waiting the 5 hours many waited at the Magic Kingdom when they first came out.

Your best bet is to go straight to Norway when Epcot opens and after enjoying the short 3 minute Frozen Ride (assuming a short line) meet the princesses with a minimal 15-30 minutes wait.

Anna and Elsa Norway Summerhouse


There is no longer a fastpass option to meet Anna and Elsa – that should be a good indicator that they are no longer is such high demand.

Early Morning Breakfast

You can book the Askerhouse Princess breakfast for 1 hour before the park opens and then you will be all set already at the back of the park ready to hop in line as soon as the park opens!


Other Tips & Tricks for seeing Anna and Elsa

  • Don’t miss the Festival of Fantasy Parade at the Magic Kingdom daily 3pm for a chance to see Anna and Elsa (along with many other favorite characters) on their very own float. This newly redone parade is amazing and definitely worth seeing. My family especially enjoyed the fire breathing dragon!

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