November 12, 2022
Disney Halloween Party Tips & Tricks

Disney Halloween Party Tips & Tricks


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Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Disney World Magic Kingdom is a really fun event with characters, parades, shows, fireworks, and more that you will only see at the Halloween Party. There is a lot to pack into the 5 hours party that runs from 7pm – midnight. So I decided I’d break it down for you to help you plan your families time better.
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Disney Halloween Party Tips & Tricks

Come see what you will find plus lots of Disney Halloween Party Tips & Tricks! This event offers the BEST Disney fireworks, unique characters that only come out during this party, free candy, an EPIC parade, and so much more!Disney Family Costume Seven Dwarfs Disney World

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party runs on select nights form Sept 10 – November 1st. You will need to purchase a special ticket to stay for this party which are currently priced around $62 (it is not included in general park admission).  Make sure to check for up-to-date pricing and available dates.

HINT: Although the party doesn’t technically start until 7pm, Disney Cast Members usually begin letting guests in about 4pm. So come early enjoy some rides, get some dinner, or get in line for your favorite characters before the party starts!


Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party CROWDS

The party caps out at 30,000 guests. We were there in September when it was sold out and let me tell you it is CROWDED! It will feel like a busy summer day at the Magic Kingdom. Expect to line up several hours before the parade to get a spot on Main Street or expect to be 4th row back peaking between heads to see anything. Character waits will vary, but expect 30 minutes or so for most characters.

HINT: Try to go in September on a party during the week (like a Tuesday) for less crowds.

Disney World Trick or Treat Locations

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Trick or TreatThe trick or treat locations are clearly marked on your map with the same symbol as this illuminated stand that marks the front of them.  Now, I know that kids love getting candy. But the lines for these locations get LONG! And correct me if I’m wrong here, but a bag of candy can easily be acquired at Target for $5-$10! So….. unless you see a short line, I’d wait until the end of the night when the lines go down or skip them altogether. I mean you didn’t pay $70 per person to get in for the candy, right?

NOTE: If you do get in line got the the trick-or-treat trails in Frontierland or Tomorrowland where you will line up once & get multiple handfuls of candy.

By the way, you will end up with about 2x the candy at the Disneyland Halloween party!

Mickey’s Boo to You Halloween Parade

The Halloween Parade is a lot of fun and completely different than any other parade you’ll see. The parade runs twice (8:15 and 10:30pm) I’d make it a priority during your visit!
Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Disney World Boo to You Halloween Parade

The crowds are thick along Main Street. You will want to arrive at least an hour early to secure a decent spot, if not you might as well just show up 15 minutes before hand and stand in the 4th row back and look between heads.  You can view the parade with slightly less crowds in Frontierland, however you will not have a spot for the Halloween Fireworks show, so I’d just opt for Main Street.

Headless Horseman Disney World Halloween

The parade beings with the arrival of the headless horseman who rides ahead of the parade.

Pooh and Friends Halloween

Expect to see some favorite Disney characters in their Halloween Costumes! My kids were thrilled to see Kanga and Christopher Robin whom we’ve never gotten to see before!

HINT: You can meet & get a picture with Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger as picture above by the Pooh Ride all evening. The line gets LONG! So plan accordingly.

Haunted Mansion in Halloween Party

It was a lot of fun to see the ghost ballroom dancers, hitchhiking ghosts, and other fun characters from the Haunted Mansion in the parade.

Villains at Disney World

And it wouldn’t be a Halloween Parade without Villains.

HINT: There are also several showings of the Disney Villains’ Dance Mix & Mingle directly in front of the castle where you can watch the Villains Dance. At several of the showings they come down and meet guests afterwards. (They do not do that if there is a parade directly after the show.)  This is a very crowded show to see because guests are lined up for parades & fireworks form 7pm-10pm. If you’d like to see the show try to see it at 7:45 right before the 8:15 parade (although you won’t get to meet the villains) or at the last show of the evening at 11:15pm.

Seeing Characters at Mickey’s Halloween Party

When you arrive you will get a map designating character meet & great spots with a black Mickey head. Unfortunately, they do not tell you who will be there. So you have to wander around the park hoping you find the characters you are looking for during this short and BUSY party.
Let me help you out a big and tell you where Disney characters are for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party!

Although maps can change ever year they tend to be almost identical!

Where to see character at Disney World Halloween party

The characters highlighted in orange are only out for the Halloween Party. So concentrate on these characters if these are characters your family wants to see.

Seven Dwarfs at Disney World Halloween Party
If you want to see all 7 Dwarfs (a rare treat), line up in Fantasyland by Pinocchio Village Haus at 6pm (an hour before the party starts).
Donald Duck in Costume at Halloween party Just remember lines get long quickly. Expect to wait about 30 minutes per character you want to see. If it starts raining, the characters will leave until it stops raining.

If you were hoping to meet, get autographs, and pose with Disney Villains this is not the party for you. You will want to check out the Disneyland Halloween party!

Happy HalloWishes Fireworks

Magic Kingdom Fireworks HalloWishes I think this may be Disney’s best fireworks show – don’t miss it! There is only one show, right in the middle of the two parades, at 9:15pm. There is great viewing along main street (many shoot out just to the right of the castle) or on Terrace Noodle Station balcony. The finale will have fireworks shooting out all around you – it’s pretty amazing!

Special Magic Shots

There two special Photo Pass Magic Shots you can only get during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. You will find both in front of the Haunted Mansion with the Hitchhiking Ghost shot by the stroller parking. If you are purchasing the Photopass CD these can be added to all your other shots for no extra charge!

Halloween Magic Shots at Disney World  Halloween Magic Shots at Disney World

Florida Weather

Remember it rains a lot in Florida this time of year. If it rains you will not get a refund, just make the best of it. Characters, magic shots, parades, fireworks, and select rides will not operate in the rain. Sometimes they delay them as Florida rains tend to only last under an hour.

Make a Plan of What to See at Mickey’s Halloween Party

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The characters are fun to see, but they will eat up your precious time at the party. If you choose to see 3-4 characters, 3-4 trick or treat trails, the parade, and fireworks you will probably miss the dance parties, Villain Dance & Mingle, and only have about 45 minutes for rides.

You will have to pick and choose as you can not do everything!

  1. Looking at the information above figure out what looks like the most fun for YOUR unique family. What characters do you want to see? (Focus on the ones highlighted in orange that can only be seen during the Halloween party)
  2. Arrive at 4pm – this will allow you get get oriented, grab some food, and get in line at 6pm for the one character you really want to see. Character lines open at 7pm.
  3. 7:20pm or so find a spot in front of the castle where you can see the castle for the fireworks AND the street for the parade. (Hint: You may catch the 7:45pm Villain show in front of the castle at this time too!)
  4. 8:15pm – see Mickey’s “Boo-to-You” Halloween Parade which begins in Frontierland
  5. 9:15pm – stay put to see the Celebrate the Magic show on the castle (FYI – this is the same show as every other night at the Magic Kingdom)
  6. 9:30pm – stay put to see Happy HalloWishes Fireworks shows!
  7. 10pm – you have 2 hours left to see any characters you still really want to see, hit some trick or treat locations (focus on the trick-or-treat- trails in Frontierland and Tomorrowland), and hopefully get on a couple rides. At this point most rides will be about a 5 minute wait! HINT: When you stop by the Haunted Mansion don’t forget to get a Magic Shot Picture with the Ghosts!


Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is a lot of fun. If you want a completely different parade, fireworks, more candy, and a chance to see the Disney Villains one-on-one, don’t miss the Disneyland Halloween party


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