April 2, 2019
5 MUSTS for your Disney Packing List

5 MUSTS for your Disney Packing List


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If you are Disney World Planning for your next family  vacation here is some family vacation advice you need to read before you head to the magic kingdom These are must-haves that you won’t want to forget to add to your Disney World Packing List!
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Post Updated January 2019

If you are planning a Disney vacation there is a lot of planning that goes into it.

Between finding the best deals to making a plan on how you are going to hit all the major attractions, But whether you decide to go without a plan and wing it or if you are a die hard planner, here are 5 things you’ll want to bring with you on a Disney Vacation!

5 MUSTS for your Disney Packing List

#1 – Bring Disney Trading Pins in Bulk with You!

Your kids will love trading pins with cast members at all the Disney Parks! Any cast member will trade any Disney pin. The pins on green lanyards can only be traded with kids. Plus there are pins that are on backwards for some extra fun.

Whether you child collects princesses, rides, pirates, or just pins that strike their fancy – pin trading is a lot of fun for kids!

Trading Pins with Disney Cast Members

Pins new at the store can cost $15 each….and more! That is not a hobby I want my kids to start. But, if you get lots of pins on ebay you can spend as little as $0.25-$1.00 a pin and they can be traded just the same. Hint: Start biding on lots early to get the best deal!

HINT: All resorts have a pin board or book at the store in your resort. Make sure to ask when it is open for the best selection. We’ve also had great luck trading in the arcade.


#2 – Bring an Autograph Book

Kids love getting autographs from their favorite Disney characters. It helps give them something to do with their favorite character when they get to the front of the line.  You can make your own autograph book, get the “official” autograph book, or find a huge assortment of autograph books on Ebay.

Getting an autograph from Donald Duck at Chef Mickey's at Disney World

The autograph books do not have a list of characters, so don’t worry about them being a checklist of all the characters you must see. The pages are empty to fill with whomever’s autograph you like and happen to see on this particular trip. You’ll be amazed that all the Mickey Mouse’s you see will all have identical signatures – it’s actually a test they have to pass before becoming that character.

HINT: These autograph books make great souvenir books for kids.Take a picture of your child with each character and at the end of the trip tape or glue the picture in their autograph book next to the autograph. My kids still look at their autograph photo books from years and years ago.


#3 – Bring Costumes from Home

Little girls [and boys] wear costumes around the park at Disney World. Many wear them all day! If you bring your own it will be more affordable than buying the high end $70 costumes for sale at the Magic Kingdom.
Kids wearing costumes have EXTRA fun interacting with Disney characters!

So why should you let your child wear their princess costume at Disney?

Besides that they will love getting dressed up and you’ll get good use out of those dresses, no where else will they feel more like a Princess. Employees all around the park will make a fuss over them and treat them like royalty – from street sweepers to buses drivers to ride cast members. It will be a fun, memorable experience for you both!

Bring Disney Costumes from home to save BIG money

#4 – Order your Memory Maker BEFORE your trip!

When you are at Disney World you will run into Disney photographers all over the parks helping guests capture their memories.  If you are spending a week or longer at Disney World it is a great way to get some professional pictures with everyone in the shot. Plus, if you preorder your Memory Maker before you go you’ll save $20 or more!

Preorder Disney Memory Maker to take advantage of lots of once-in-a-lifetime memories like a laser dual with Darth Vadar at Hollywood Studios

  • Pictures with characters
  • Magic Shots
  • Pictures by major Icons
  • Quaint picturesque spots
  • On Rides (Splash Mountain, Test Track, Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, and more)
  • Dining Pictures (Hoop Dee Doo Revue, Chef Mickey’s, Princess Breakfast, and more)
  • In action (they just may capture the cutest picture of your child watching the parade, interacting with the character, or making a memory with you!)

Memory maker helps capture special moments of your childrne interacting with characters

#5 – Bring Fastpass+ Reservations

If you haven’t, read about Disney’s NEW Fastpass + you want to get some tips before heading out. But more than that, you’ll want to make reservations ahead of time. The beauty of the new system is that you can reserve times to see your favorite attractions ahead of time without having to run around hoping you get a good time. You’ll choose them ahead of time!

Don't forget to make your Fastpass+ Reservations up to 60 days early for the best selection!

Ticketed Guests can reserve Fastpass+ 30 days in advance; Disney resort guests can make Fastpass+ selections 60 days in advance. (Don’t miss how to get 15 Fastpasses!)

#6 – Bring Disney Dining Reservations

Dining at Disney’s amazingly themed restaurants with all the delicious menu items is one of the highlights of most trips! But the best places to eat at Disney World book up quickly! Make your reservations as far in advance as you can, up to 180 days before you arrive for the best selection!


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