November 12, 2022
Nahum Lesson Easy Hat Craft for Kids

Nahum Lesson Easy Hat Craft for Kids


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This is a fun hat craft for kids from Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade, and even 2nd grade. This goes along great with a Five in a Row Caps for Sale or with a Sunday School Lesson on
Simple Hat Craft for Kids - Great for H is for Hat, Five in a Row Caps for Sale, or Nehemiah 1-3 Bible Craft

Simple Hat Craft for Kids

May 2014 168 All you need to make this super cute hat craft for kids is a paper or foam plate and a paper bowl. Using your bowl as a guide draw a line around the hat on the bottom of the plate. Carefully cut out the circle just a little smaller than your circle and press the bowl into the hole. Affix the bowl to the hat with tape or masking tape.
May 2014 170 Now you can add ribbon around the bowl and down the sides to decorate your hat.

Note: If you are using the hat to go along a Sunday School lesson on Nahum 1-3 covering Nahum, 
Prophet to Nineveh, write the words “God protects us!” on the top. This will remind the Preschool-3rd graders that just like a hat protects us from the sun, wind, and rain, God protects his us too.
God Protects Us nahum Bible CraftThe boys made their hats look a little more like a cowboy hat by painting them brown and then sticking a feather in the top. The tie was from rope instead of ribbon.

Again, this would be a fun preschool activity for H is for Hat or alongside a Caps for Sale Five in a Row Unit too.

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