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Dinosaur Addition with Ten Frame

If your kids are like mine, anything with dinosaurs is a major hit. These dinosaur addition cards are a fabulous way to work on adding basic math facts up to the number 20. This activity is great for pre-k, kindergarten, and first-grade kids.

FREE Dinosaur Addition with Ten Frame - preschool and kindergarten age kids will have fun practicing adding with this fun, hands on math activity.

Dinosaur Addition with Ten Frame

Since math is a concrete subject and not abstract, it should be taught in a hands-on manner with lots of manipulatives. Using manipulatives allows us to have a better understanding of what numbers mean so we are better prepared for abstract math concepts like number equations. The hands-on tools are also incredibly beneficial for our tactile learners.

This Dinosaur Addition Activity is an engaging way to combine hands-on math with abstract equations.

Dinosaur-Addition -to-20


  • Download the FREE Dinosaur Addition Cards below
  • Laminate and cut the Dinosaur Addition Cards
  • Using dry erase marker, write numbers in the circles to create an addition problem, for example, 5+4 =
  • Using the dinosaur pieces to fill in the tens frame to solve the equation
  • Count how many dinosaurs are on the tens frames and write the solution in the equation


  • Make sure the solution to your equation does not exceed 20 as there are only 20 spots on the tens frame
  • I have also included an additional card that only goes up to 10 so you can differentiate based on your child’s needs
  • If your kids are like mine and they like to peel off laminate, you may want to cut, then laminate, then cut again
dinosaur addition cards

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Dinosaur Printables

If you are looking for other fun, free dinosaur printables to make learning fun with a dinosaur theme you will love these resources:


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