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Christmas Stem Activity –Tree Building

Make learning fun this December with this Christmas STEM Activity for Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade students. STEAM means Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. These subjects can be presented in a fun, educational way. With this STEM activity, we learned how to build(engineer) a Christmas tree with Legos and craft sticks!

Christmas STEM Actiivty for Kids - Kids will have fun with this Christmas Tree Building hands on learning activity for December that combines art and engineerting to make an educational Christmas activity. #christmas #christmasstem #christmasactivity

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Christmas STEM Activities

Firstly, we discussed what a Christmas tree looks like: going from big to small, balanced to keep upright with a strong base etc. We used different sized Lego bricks and different lengths of craft sticks:   Christmas Lego STEM Activity for Kids, Christmas MathThere was a lot of trial and error, in which my 5 year olds patience(and mine) was tested! I would suggest this activity for a bit older child,since you need steady hands too.  The base was changed until we got a sturdy one: a big square. Then came the longest stick, a brick, another stick and so on. Here, visual discrimination skills are developed by choosing the right lengths and also thinking skills in terms of placing the right length in the right place. Not to mention the attention and patience that are stretched!Christmas STEM Activities

Christmas Activity

This last image is the tree I built. There would be a few ways to build a Christmas tree from Legos and craft sticks, but I suggest you let your children try it out and see what do they come up with.

Christmas STEM

Christmas STEM

Surely a fun way to explore Christmas tree building and developing engineering skills for your older child. Stem Activity - Christmas Tree Building

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