Category - Letter of the Week

M is for Moon

Young learners will love this creative, fun, and hands on M is for Moon unit filled with free printables, oreo moon phases, and more to learn the letter m and about astronauts and space exploration...

Free Fruit Loop Alphabet Mats

Kids will have fun practicing alphabet letters, color matching, and pincer grip with these super cute alphabet printables you complete with skittles, fruit loops, or M&Ms.

B is for Butterfly

Your preschool and kindergarten age child will love learning about butterflies, the letter b, counting, science and more with this fun letter of the week unit for b is for butterfly.

A is for Apple

Here is what we did for our preschool week on the alphabet letter a.

Letter G

Today I share our letter G alphabet activities for preschoolers. Come take a peak at our alphabet crafts.

D is for Dinosaurs

As part of our Dinosaur Unit, I am bringing you lots of Dinosaur fun for 6 weeks! There are free dinosaur printables, dinosaur crafts, dinosaur activities, dinosaur resources, and more! So read on to...

I is for Inchworm

Here is our Preschool Letter I Week. We mostly explored worms (inchworm emphasis) going along with our Bug Science Unit, but we also added in a fun Ice Cream letter craft too. The I is for Inchworm...

E is for Elephant

Preschoolers will love learning about the alphabet letter E with this fun E is for Elephant alphabet unit.

S is for Snowman

Looking for a fun Winter Snowman unit to help kids learn the letter S? Here are a whole bunch of fun, hands on activities for preschool and kindergarten age kids.

C is for Cow (Farm Unit)

Our C is for Cow unit was filled with lots of hands on farm fun for toddler, preschool, and kindergarten kids. Come grab some fun free printables like nocturnal farm animals, crafts, hands on...

O is for Ocean

This week we dove into the ocean! Instead of writing about it… let’s do Show-and-Tell instead! Field Trip at the Aquarium. They had a special exhibit on jellyfish that was fascinating & beautiful...