November 12, 2022
A is for Apple

A is for Apple


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Here is what we did for our preschool week on the alphabet letter a.
Letter A - This is such a fun Letter of the Week unit for kids to learn about the alphabet! Includes fun ways for kids to practice making the letter, sorting upper/lower case, and a is for airplane and a is for apples stuff too. Perfect for toddler, preschool, prek, and kindergarten unit in september for back to school!!

If you are looking for ideas for teaching the alphabet to kids in a letter of the week type aproach, you are going to love our letter units.

Here is the first, Letter A

Letter A Week

Practice Making the Letter A for Preschoolers

Letter A Worksheets

We practiced making the letter a using several fun, hands on, and FREE printable preschool worksheets. We did one worksheet, read one book, and did one activity a day

Apple Stamping

stamping apples in preschool

We did the “classic” preschool activity where kids use actual apples to make apple prints. I saw on Pinterest (lots of places) the idea of cutting the apple like this to give kids a handle. Genius!

Sorting Upper & Lowercase A’s

Letter A Sorting Activity for Preschoolers

We had some fun sorting upper and lower case As’s with our Letter A Apple Trees.

A is for Airplane

simple airplane craft for kids

We made an A is for airplane craft. See how we made the Simple Airplane Craft for Kids.



Letter A Math & Science

Fold a paper airplane for each person – it doesn’t need to be anything fancy. {Just in case you don’t know how – here is a great You Tube Tutorial} Take the airplanes outside or to a large room and standing at the same starting line, fly them. Give the children a measuring tape and have help them measure how far each airplane went.  Whose went the farthest?


Let everyone make modifications and do a 2nd test. Again, have your child measure how far each one went. This is a great way to introduce measurement and numbers.

Now add a paperclip to the front of your airplane. Have your child make a hypothesis {educated guess} if it will go farther this time. Repeat your test. Was your hypothesis correct? Finally add the paperclip to the back of your airplane. Have your child make a new hypothesis as to how far the airplane will go. Repeat your test. Not your observations.

Airport Creative Play

Free printable passport for airplane creative play

Set-up chairs two in front of each other to make your own airplane.You can print out a passport and plane tickets free here.

If you have a small suitcase, get it out – your kids will enjoy playing with it! Roll play going through security, immigration, boarding an airplane, stowing your carry-ons, the take off, serving beverages and retrieving your luggage.

Letter A Book Recommendations

Here are some of our favorite Letter A books:
I wish I were a Pilot  The Noisy Airplane Ride  Airport  Planes Richard Scarry's A Day at the Airport


Other Letter A Ideas

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