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Young learners will love this creative, fun, and hands on M is for Moon unit filled with free printables, oreo moon phases, and more to learn the letter m and about astronauts and space exploration all at the same time.  Use with with toddler, preschool, pre k, kindergarten, and first grade students.
M is for Moon Unit for Preschool and Homeschool Families

M is for Moon

This week in our letter of the week study of the letter m we studied all things moon, space, astronauts, landing on the moon, planets, solar system, stars, and more. We love incorporating various subjects for fun themed learning. This unit study is perfect for early learners from toddlers, preschoolers, prek, kindergartners, and grade 1. Use this to introduce alphabet letters, kindergarten themes, or summer learning.

letter m is for moon for kids
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Apollo 11 for Kids

We decided to recreate Apollo 11 – the first time people landed on the moon. First, I did some research & compiled pictures & information (included in print) to share with the kiddos. Then, I had them watch some video clips & listen to some sound bites from the Apollo 11 mission. I learned so much myself!

apollo space ship out of a cardboard box

DIY Apollo 11 from Cardboard Box

We then recreated the 3 man Apollo 11- shape as best we could, hatch, windows, limited space, and control panel. The kids then decorated it in their typical creative fashion! We talked about how their was not a toilet on board this 9 day mission! We also talked about logistics of eating floating food or having to tie yourself down while you slept.

We also created a Moon buggy. The kids got their pretend camera to document their historic landing on the moon, a bag to collect moon walks, and wore space suits.

Creative Play: Apollo 11, Moon buggy, collecting moon rocks

We had many hours of creative play reenacting Apollo 11’s mission. The kids even recreated positioning for take-off, the pressure on their face at blast off, and we played the original sound clip for their ascent. A memorable 2 weeks!

Solar System in our school room

Planets for Kids

I bought an in flatable solar system to decorate our room before our space unit. The kids loved having a decorated school room! They got really good at naming all the planets. Goofy even pointed out the asteroid belt to me between mars & Jupiter – wow I can’t believe he remembered that from one of the books we read! We also played a game where I would say the name of a planet & they would run underneath it. Then they got to call out the planets & I would run underneath them. Super fun!

clever paint stick solar system project   solar-system-unit-about-the-sun-for-kids

You can also make some fun solar system projects we’ve tried over the years like these:

Kids will have fun learning a bout the solar systme with these free printable worksheets for kids

M is for Moon Worksheets

We also did worksheets to enhance our learning! We used these free printable solar system themed worksheets that incorporated a variety of early learning skills like tracing, cutting & pasting, vocabulary, math, and alphabet practice while still learning about the planets in our solar system!

What's a Planet Cut & Glue Practice Sheet Find & Color all the A's activity

The kids enjoyed using crayons, markers, colored pencils, kid scissors, glue sticks, and bingo markers to learn a variety of skills while having fun. This is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, prek, kindergartners, and grade 1.


We also did these super cute Free Solar System Coloring Pages for kids. After coloring and tracing the planet names, we read the couple sentences with information about the planets. We saved the pages to make their own solar system book.

Or you can make this cute Planets for Kids Mini Book – kids love printables at this age!

phases of the moon oreo worksheetPhases of the Moon Oreo Worksheet

We made Oreo Moon Phases! This had to be one of our favorite activities for the unit. In the free printable below I have a printable worksheet with where to put your Oreos and the moon phases.

This has to be one of our favorite activities! We made the different phases of the moon with Oreo cookies! I know, how cool is that?!?!? I made a worksheet to go with it that looks a little neater that you are welcome to use (in the file). This was some serious, delicious, learning fun!


Moon Sensory Bin for Preschoolers

Moon Sensory Box

Our Space Sensory Tub was a HUGE hit! We bought the Safari LTD Space Toob and MOON SAND WHITE from Amazon.

Counting in Spanish

I created some Spanish vocabulary flashcards and a moon counting book (They are also in the file below).  I am trying to sneak in some spanish vocabulary and concepts with our alphabet themes. This time I snuck in counting to 10 in spanish. The kids are coming right along with their Spanish!

Pipe Cleaner Contellations

Looking for more fun resources to add to your week? Try these free printable ideas:

free-alphabet-hats FREE A to Z Letter Find- super cute printable abc worksheets to help kids practice letter recognition of both uppercase and lowercase letters. Perfect for toddler, preschool, and kindergarten age kids #alphabet #preschool #kindergarten FREE Uppercase Letter Crafts - you will love these no prep alphabet crafts - just print, color, cut, paste, and tape / glue together #preschool #alphabet #craftsforkids

Alphabet Printables for Kids

  • A to Z Printable Alphabet Hats – learn vocabulary, intorduce beginning sounds, and more with this alphabet craft
  • Printable Alphabet Bracelets – perfect for a letter of the week – just color, cut and tape your alphabet bracelet
  • Alphabet Playdough Mats – strengthen fine motor skills while forming letters out of play doh
  • Alphabet Mini Book Printable – low prep, fold and go alphabet book for each letter
  • A to Z Letter Find – each alphabet letter has a different theme with recognition letter
  • Alphabet Coloring Pages – wit over 1,000,000 pritnables these are HUGELY popular ABC coloring sheets!
  • Free Alphabet Worksheets – for a more in depth look at letters including alphabet mazes, cut and paste beginning sound activity and more, don’t miss these popular kindergarten worksheets!
  • Printable Alphabet Crafts – no prep, one page printable letter craft for each letter of the alphabet from A to Z.

Feel free to print my resources by clicking on the image below. Feel free to hare with other by referring them back to my blog. Just please don’t link them right to the resources if you share them. Thanks!

Free Moon Resources to Print

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