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M is for Moon

This M is for Moon Unit is great for the whole family. Preschool and homeschool families alike will enjoy the creative play, free printables, oreo moon phases, and more to make this unit stick in a fun, memorable way.
M is for Moon Unit for Preschool and Homeschool Families

M is for Moon

M is for Moon Information Sheet (download below)As we started our 2 week alphabet and science study “M” for Moon we decided to recreate Apollo 11 – the first time people landed on the moon. First, I did some research & compiled pictures & information (included in download) to share with the kiddos. Then, I had them watch some video clips & listen to some sound bites from the Apollo 11 mission. I learned so much myself!


DIY Apollo 11 from Cardboard Box

apollo space ship out of a cardboard boxWe then recreated the 3 man Apollo 11- shape as best we could, hatch, windows, limited space, and control panel. The kids then decorated it in their typical creative fashion! We talked about how their was not a toilet on board this 9 day mission! We also talked about logistics of eating floating food or having to tie yourself down while you slept.

We also created a Moon buggy. The kids got their pretend camera to document their historic landing on the moon, a bag to collect moon walks, and wore space suits.

Creative Play: Apollo 11, Moon buggy, collecting moon rocks

We had many hours of creative play reenacting Apollo 11’s mission. The kids even recreated positioning for take-off, the pressure on their face at blast off, and we played the original sound clip for their ascent. A memorable 2 weeks!

Homeschool Science Solar System Unit

I bought this solar system to decorate our room before our space unit. The kids loved having a decorated school room! They got really good at naming all the planets. Goofy even pointed out the asteroid belt to me between mars & Jupiter – wow I can’t believe he remembered that from one of the books we read! We also played a game where I would say the name of a planet & they would run underneath it. Then they got to call out the planets & I would run underneath them. Super fun! We did solar system puzzles & played Solar System Bingo ($5)

Solar System in our school room
Solar System PuzzleGoofy playing find that planet in our school room

The kids LOVE using our Bingo markers so they enjoyed making astronauts with this with M Bingo Paint Pages

We made craters in our moon dust from the My Father’s World Curriculum.

M is for Moon Learning Worksheets

We also did worksheets to enhance our learning! I used my favorite go-to places: Homeschool Creations & 1plus1plus1equals1. I used the Solar System Pack by 1plus1plus1equals1: what’s a planet, planet mini book (my kids love these mini books), and vocabulary word flashcards. Plus there are lots of other great goodies here!

Planets Mini BookWhat's a Planet Cut & Glue Practice Sheet

I also used more free goodies from Jolanthe in her Astronaut Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations. My kids liked the space ship color book, shadow/image match-up (harder to do than I thought it would be), different sized rockets (practice order, right/left, middle, etc.), find & color all the a’s, and fun tracer & pre-writing pages.

Shadow Match-up ActivityFind & Color all the A's activity

This has to be one of our favorite activities! We made the different phases of the moon with Oreo cookies! I know, how cool is that?!?!? I made a worksheet to go with it that looks a little neater that you are welcome to use (in the download). This was some serious, delicious, learning fun!

Oreo Moon Phases Kids Science Activity

Oreo Moon Phases (see below for download)
We made Oreo Moon Phases! This had to be one of our favorite activities for the unit. In the free printable below I have a printable worksheet withe where to put your oreos and the moon phases.

Moon Sensory Bin for Preschoolers

Our Space Sensory Tub was a HUGE hit! We bought the Safari LTD Space Toob and MOON SAND WHITE from Amazon.
Moon Sensory Box

Moon Games

We played the Astronauts to Earth Race Game by MamaJenn. We even bought the Photo Stacking Cubes to play the game (which we have gone on to use in so many things!). There are TONS of other games to play with them. Goofy has been enjoying them to learn the Dolch Words.  We each made a flag to put in the “moon” when we landed to show we were there. We also made popsicle stick stars to hang from the ceiling.

Astronauts to Earth Race GameFlags to put on the moon

We practiced our numbers and constellation shapes with star stickers.

Practice counting with stars'Shape' Star Constellations


FREE Printable Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards

I also created some Spanish vocabulary flashcards to go with our unit AND a moon counting book (They are also in the download). The kids are coming right along with their Spanish!
Feel free to download my resources by clicking on the image below. Feel free to hare with other by referring them back to my blog. Just please don’t link them right to the resources if you share them. Thanks!

Free Moon Resources to Download

50 Moon Crafts and Moon Activiteis for kids - best moon projects from around the web

Looking for more fun, engaging, creative, and memorable moon projects for kids? You will love this 50 Moon Crafts & Activities for Kids collection with the best ideas from the whole internet!

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