Earth Science Experiments for Kids #2–Rock Classification

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Earth Science Experiments for Kids #2–Rock Classification

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Next up in our Earth Science Experiments for Kids we are going to learn about rocks. In this home school science lesson preschool, kindergarten, and k12 students will learn about the different types of rocks and how they are different.
Homeschool Earth Science Unit - Learning about rocks with edible rocks #science

Earth Science Experiments for Kids – Rock Classifications

A fun way for kids doing a home school science lesson to learn about the differences in types or rocks is using edible rocks! What could be more fun or memorable than edible rocks, right? My kids though so too! Edible Rocks for homeschool science
I’ve seen lots of different recipes to make edible rocks online, but honestly I just didn’t have the time right now =-) I am sure you understand how that goes. So I stuck with things in our house.

How to Make Edible Rocks

  • Igneous Rock Lollipop - We had a lollipop for Igneous Rocks because it too gets heated high and cools very quickly which makes it hard, smooth, and sometimes traps air bubbles inside.

  • Sedimentary Rock Snickers – If you carefully cut a snicker bar you will see all the different layers of “sediments” in it that have been pressed together. That exactly how Sedimentary Rocks are formed.

  • Metamorphic Rock Smashed Snickers – We put a snicker between layers of parchment paper, covered with a book, and let the kids stand on top. After the Sedimentary Snicker rock was under pressure it changed into a metamorphic rock. Metamorphic means change and a Metamorphic rock is any other rock that changes into a new rock because of heat and/or pressure.
    Comparing Different Types of rocks - homeschool science

    Good book about rocks to complement your study

  • Earth Science Experiments for Kids - Geodes

    We compared rocks in our rock collection and started our own collection from a nature walk. Then we painted our rocks to make pet rocks!
    smashing geodesEarth Science Homeschool - Geodes
    Finally, we broke open Geode rocks (rocks that have a drop of moisture crystallize inside). It was Goofy’s favorite part! I added a life lesson by showing how we are like the Geode. We are unworthy and sinful. But God turns changes our heart and makes us a beautiful creation.

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