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Yarn Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

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Make your own Yarn Christmas Tree Craft for Kids using this simple technique and yarn for stunning textured results.

Yarn Christmas Tree Craft for Kids - what a fun project to make and I LOVE the finished product! Great Christmas Craft for Preschool, Kindergarten, and older

We love making crafts this time of year as you can probably tell by the huge number of Christmas Crafts I share!

Each year I try to come up with a new twist, something unique my crafty kids can make.

This past year my 9 year old had a blast making this yarn Christmas tree. It is such a simple technique, but creates such a unique, interesting effect.

Yarn Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

using glue and green yarn make a triangular outline of a tree

You will need a piece of cardboard to make your Christmas tree craft on. We always seem to have pieces lying around from packages.

Using liquid glue make a triangular tree on covering most of your cardboard pieces but leaving about 3 inches at the bottom.

Now put green yarn along the glue line to make the outline of your Christmas tree.

add pieces of yarn

Now add glue to cover much of the inside of your tree.

Place little strips (2-9” long) of green yarn inside the tree on top of the glue, pressing lightly to make sure it sticks in the glue.

yarn christmas tree

When your tree looks sufficiently covered it’s time for phase II. (It’s okay for the yarn to overlap and will actually add the to the cool effect of your child’s artwork)

Now using a paintbrush drip some modge podge Over your tree to help “seal” in the yarn. Then press some pom poms in the modge podge all over the tree.

Last, but not least, use some glue (or modge podge) to attach a larger pom pom star at the top and a penne pasta noodle at the bottom as a tree trunk.

yarn christmas tree craft for kids

After your project has dried (we left ours alone overnight) you will be ready to display your Christmas Tree Craft.  I love the playful look to my son’s tree.

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