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Tips for Watching Magic Kingdom Fireworks

If you are planning a trip to Disney World you are going to want to read these amazing tip for watching Disney Fireworks.

Tips for Watching Magic Kingdom Fireworks - lots of great tips for watching fireworks at magic kingdom in Orlando. GREAT IDEAS for your next family vacation

There is no denying the fact that the Magic Kingdom park is a crowded place. In fact, it has gotten to a point where it is perpetually busy, meaning visiting during the slow season is a thing
of the past and your best bet is to visit when it’s busy but not packed to the gills. Obviously, these enormous crowds mean super long lines most days and jam-packed performances on a regular basis. This includes the fireworks displays, which are perhaps the most crowded events of all.

Now, the fireworks shows at Magic Kingdom are like no other. They are absolutely incredible, and are a must-see during any trip. However, for those of us who dislike crowds and/or hate
long waits, the idea of waiting in shoulder-to- shoulder crowds to see the show is a truly terrible one.

Fortunately, by going in prepared, you can avoid many of the negative things that often come along with the nighttime shows and focus instead on the magic of the beautiful display before
you. How do you go about this? Try the simple tips below!

Tips for Watching Magic Kingdom Fireworks

tips for magic kingdom fireworks

Pack Up

When headed to Disney with kids, always, always pack a bag. When your plan is to wait for fireworks, pack some extra things. These should include snacks (unless you want to pay for
overpriced popcorn), glow sticks or toys, a blanket to sit on, and small items to entertain the kids, such as card games.

Packing these items will make the hour before the fireworks show much more bearable, and sometimes even fun. You’ll be able to get comfy and save plenty of space for the family while
snacking and playing games. Be sure to bring extra glow sticks to share with your neighbors, and you may even make a friend or two.

Go Early

That hour-long wait I just mentioned? Yeah, I was serious. If you want to get the good seats for this show, you will need to arrive early. How early depends on the day, but usually 45 minutes to
an hour beforehand is ideal. This will ensure you and your kiddos can see the entire show, including the projections on the castle, which are amazing.

Seek out a Prime Spot

Knowing when to arrive is great, but it’s only good if you know where to go. So where should you watch the show? Below are my favorite in-park spots for catching the fireworks:

  • On the grass — There are two open grassy areas on either side of the hub that were once set aside for FastPass holders. Now these areas are open to the public and are great places to watch the show. Try to get a spot close to the fence nearest the castle to avoid having people block your view.
  • On the bump — There is a place just a tiny bit north of Casey’s Corner and Main Street Ice Cream Parlor where the road is highest. If you can score a spot here, you will have the advantage of being a bit taller than everyone around you, meaning you will have an excellent view. That said, you can sit in the middle of Main Street, so you will have to hang out on the curb until 20 minutes or so before the show and make sure you jump into the road before this spot fills up.
  • At the station — Head back to the exit and up the stairs to the train station for a pretty alright—if a bit distant—view. Get to this location early, and make sure you grab a spot right by the railing so you can see without heads in the way. Also, be warned that the flagpole will be in your view, though it doesn’t block much.
  • In Fantasyland — So, if you don’t want to camp out forever, and the projections aren’t super important to you, you can always seek out a spot in Fantasyland. My family will occasionally watch the show from near Gaston’s Tavern, and it’s an interesting spot because you can see fireworks near Beast’s castle as well as Cinderella’s castle, making it an immersive experience.
disney fireworks

Keep Kids Close

Big crowds mean it’s easy to get lost during one of these shows. Therefore, you will want to be sure to keep kids close before, during, and especially after the show. This is one instance when
buckling kids into their strollers might be necessary, and holding the hands of older children is a must.

Wait to Walk

Instead of attempting to fight crowds after the show has ended, consider sitting around for a bit. Trust me when I warn you that getting anywhere right after the fireworks end is a nightmare, and
it’s worth a few extra minutes of sitting to avoid being herded like cattle and bumped and jostled through the park. Besides, there is currently a projection show immediately following the fireworks, meaning you’ll have plenty to do.

Bonus Tip: Watch From Outside the Park

If crowds make you really nervous or grumpy, or even if you just don’t have a ticket to a park during one day of your trip, you might consider watching the fireworks from outside the park.
The best place to do this is at the Transportation and Ticket Center on the ferry dock. However, you can also see the fireworks from the beach at the Polynesian, the boat launch at the Grand
Floridian, and the observation deck at the Contemporary. This is a great option for viewing the show in a much more relaxed setting, but the show does lose a bit of its magic when viewed
from so far away.

I hope these tips help you see the wonderful “Happily Ever After” fireworks show at Magic Kingdom while staying relaxed and stress-free. After all, a vacation is meant to be fun for
everyone, including mom and dad.


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