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Simple Chalk Preschool Counting Activity

Chalk is a good item to have on hand for outdoor play. We had fun outside with this Simple Chalk Preschool Counting Activity.
Simple Chalk Activity - Learning numbers and counting for toddler, preschool, and Kindergarten with this fun, hands on learning activity

This is such a fun, simple-to-do summer learning activity for Toddler, Preschool, and Kindergarten age kids!

All you need is a driveway, sidewalk, or surface of some sort and chalk (homemade chalk recipe)


Simple Chalk Preschool Counting Activity

First, I wrote numbers 1-10 on the bricks. Saying the names of the numbers while writing them so that the kids can hear and see the numbers and their names. Having them count with me, pointing at the written numbers too. counting chalk numbers
Then each child got a turn to choose a number.

They had to find the chosen number, then jump up and down for the number of counts according to the number, while I made the lines counting up till we reach the number.

Example:  For instance, number two- jump twice (while counting and drawing two lines next to the number 2 on the brick).

For the next round, they chose a number again, but this time had to spin around the correct amount of times according to the chosen number. After each round we changed up the instruction: jumping, spinning, walking backwards, stand on one leg etc.

Sideealk and counting Preschool Game

This activity can be used for introducing tallying with preschoolers.

It is very simple, but effective since it involves different senses: visual, auditory and proprioceptive senses. And did you know that children learn best with a multisensory approach?

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