November 12, 2022
September Stories & Activity Calendar

September Stories & Activity Calendar


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Summer may be winding down and back to school is on the horizon, but that is no reason to stop having fun and creating memories reading September stories and doing fun September Activities together! So download the free pdf file filled with September activity calendar with ideas for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, first graders, 2nd graders, 3rd graders, and 4th graders.

Summer may be winding down and back to school is on the horizon, but that is no reason to stop having fun and creating memories reading September stories and doing fun September Activities together! So download the free pdf file filled with September activity calendar with ideas for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, first graders, 2nd graders, 3rd graders, and 4th graders. 

September Activities

Each day below follows an September special day or topic. If you scroll to the bottom of the post you can download and print the free printable September stories for kids and September activity calendar. Then check out September books from the library and take a peak at this post for fun, clever September activities for families to do together!  You’ll love this LOW PREP activity calendar! These books have been triple checked to ensure they can be easily found at most local libraries or on Amazon for your convenience!

We have lots of September activity ideas for toddler, preschool, pre k, kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4 students.

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September Stories

September 1 – World Beard Day

This is such a fun, silly day! Today will help kids explore those they know who wear bears and how silly they would look if they wore a beard! Start out by reading Books-O Beards, My Dad Had a Beard, Leonard’s Beard, and The Myth of Santa’s Beard. Today I’d either make a silly beard to wear like this santa’s beard, yarn beard, or paper beard craft to wear all day or print pictures of everyone in your family, put them in page protectors, and use dry erase markers to make silly beards on everyone.

September 2 – Pet Rock Day

Kids love gathering rocks as they play, so this day is going to be especially fun for kids! Start out by reading Charlotte and the Rock, Everybody Needs a Rock, and Ricky the Rock that Wouldn’t Roll. Have kids pick a favorite rock to turn into a pet rock by painting it like M &Ms, Ladybugs, Monsters, fruit, or whatever else you like. Or you could use this day to explore The Rock Cycle or Rocks & Minerals and then make these edible rocks.

September 3 – Piano Month

Start out today by reading If You Ever Want to Bring a Piano to the Beach, Don’t! and The Bear and the Piano. Let kids explore the piano by showing them how it can play high notes and low notes, loudly and softly, and when playing black and white notes. I suggest you make this really fun outdoor chalk piano to play with to learn the notes of the keyboard.

September 4 -Wildlife Day

There are so many fascinating variety of animals on our planet, unfortunately more and more are being extinct. Help kids learn about endangered species by reading DK Eyewitness: Endangered Animals or books on their favorite endangered animals. Then watch a national geographic online video about endangered animals or visit a local zoo and complete this free endangered animals scavenger hunt.

September 5  – International Day of Charity

Start out the day by reading What if Everybody did That?  (help kids realize why we all need to follow rules) Kindness Counts (helping others), The Good Samaritan. Talk to kids about why we must help others and then help them brainstorm some ways they can help others.

September 6  – Read a Book Day

Today is a great day to help kids learn how to treat books, learn about libraries, and how books can take us anywhere. Start out by reading Calvin Can’t Fly: The Story of a Bookworm BirdieLibrarian on the Roof! A True Story, I Will Not Read this Book, The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians, Read it, Don’t Eat It!, and one of our favorites Wild About Books. Then, complete this fun free library scavenger hunt for kids to learn about and explore the library.

September 7 – Sewing Month

Help kids learn about and explore the importance of sewing by reading Mr. FrankLady Hahn and Her Seven Friends, I had a Favorite Dress, and My Forever Dress. Then make one of these simple sewing projects for kids like these plate sewing projects, easy DIY Pouch, or this ABC Apple Lacing Craft.

September 8  – Iguana Day

Start out Iguana Day reading I Wanna Iguana, Manana Iguana, or an educational look at Iguanas. You can always visit a local zoo to see iguanas up close, or make this cute footprint iguana craft.

September 9  – Grandparents Day

Help kids appreciate and treasure Grandparents especially today. First read Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa, I Love you Grandma, Grandpa Hugs, and What Grandma’s Do Best. Today would be the perfect day to visit grandparents, but if you don’t live close enough to visit have kids make them a card so they will get some special mail today.

September  10

Everyone knows September is all about apples! Today kids will enjoy reading Ten Apples Up on Top, Apple Pie ABCThe Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree, and The Biggest Apple Ever. Then it’s time to make one of these super cute apple projects: apple core craft, bubble wrap apple craft, apple stamping craft, stamped apple craft, or tp stamped apple craft.

September  11  – Make Your Bed Day

Start off your day making your bed and then read Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Go Sleep in Your Own Bed,  and There is an Alligator Under my Bead. Make either this Lego matchbox craft or this teddy bear bed craf

September 12  – Chocolate Milkshake Day

What a yummy day! Today is chocolate milkshake day. After reading A Chocolate Mouse for Dinner and Smart About Chocolate: Sweet History, I suggest you do some chocolate baking, tasting, or even playing with this chocolate playdough. This evening, whip up a chocolate milkshake (ice cream, milk, and chocolate syrup) and watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to end your day.

September 13  – Fortune Cookie Day

Did you know fortune cookies aren’t from China? They actually started in San Francisco in 1918. Start off the day by reading Fortune Cookie Fortunes. Visit a Chinese cultural event or china town if you can, make a Chinese fan craft, and end the day with some Chinese food complete with a fortune cookie.

September  14  – Hoagie Day

Start out by reading The Bear Ate Your Sandwich, The Giant Jam Sandwich, and The Sandwich Swap, Make a cute textured sandwich craft or practice alphabet letters with these free printable alphabet sandwiches.  For lunch make a special sandwich (like these animal creations), perhaps even go to a sandwich shop so your child can order their own with lots of toppings.

September 15  – International Dot Day

Today is one of those interesting special days I had never heard of – it is all about harnessing your creativity. Start by reading Press Here, The Dot, Put Me in the Zoo, One Red Dot, and 600 Black Spots (not at your library, but a really cool hide and seek pop-up book).  Now it’s time to make some art! Try this snail dot craft, q-tip dot arthidden picture dot project, or open ended art project

September 16  – Playdoh Day

Today is going to be a kid favorite – playdoh day! Start out by reading Child’s Introduction to Art: The World’s Greatest Paintings and Sculptures to kids will learn how they can sculpt like famous artists. . Then whip up some of our favorite kool-aid playdough,  Then either just enjoy some fun playing together or use these free alphabet playdough PLAYmats, number PLAYmats, or human body playdough mats.
patriotic window craft for kids

September 17  – Constitution Day

Today is the official day the Constitution was signed. Help kids celebrate by reading We the People: The Story of Our Constitution or We the Kids.  Next up, consider watching the corresponding episode of Liberty Kids or make a patriotic craft like this canvas flag, star wreath, fork fireworks, or patriotic window craft for kids.

September 18

Today we are going to look at shapes. Start out by reading Mouse ShapesShape by Shape, and Corduroy’s Shapes. Now either make this free cut & paste shape book, complete these free bingo marker shape worksheets, play free shape bingo, or go on a shape hunt around your house. Don’t forget to cut sandwiches into shapes today!

September 19  – Talk Like a Pirate Day

Start out Talk Like a Pirate Day by reading How I Became a PirateThere Was an Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Fish, Shiver Me Letters, and A Year on a Pirate Ship. You, of course, must spend the day talking like a pirate. Make a pirate lunch, try some pirate games, make a pirate puppet or pirate hand craft, or plan a pirate treasure hunt.  And end your evening watching a Jake and the Neverland Pirates or Peter Pan

September 20  – Pepperoni Pizza Day

Enjoy some breakfast pizza then read  Pete’s a PizzaCurious George and the Pizza Party, The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza, and Secret Pizza Party. Next, make a cute pizza craft like this paper plate pizza or a playdough pizza or practice fractions with this free pizza fraction activity. Now finish it up with some pepperoni pizza for dinner.

September 21  – Miniature Golf Day

Start out by reading Curious George Plays Mini Golf. The you can either play indoor mini golf, Duplo mini golf, or go to an outdoor miniature golf location.

September 22  – Ice Cream Cone Day

Read Curious about Ice Cream to learn about the origins of ice cream. Then make either this cute mosaic ice cream craftrecycled ice cream art, cupcake liner craft, or potato masher craft. Then make this super cute and yummy edible cone craft.

September 23

With yesterday being the first day of Autumn, today we are going to dive into the beautiful leaves that either are now, or soon will be turning beautiful autumn colors and falling all round us. Start out by reading LeavesWe’re Going on a Leaf HuntFlether and the Falling LeavesLeaf Man, and Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn. Now it’s time to make a fun leaf craft like this fall leaf printing with markerscereal fall tree craftleaf wreath craft, Styrofoam leaves, handprint leaves, or leaf people.

September 24  – Family Day

Today is all about how special it is to have a family. Make sure you eat breakfast together; go on a breakfast picnic if you are early risers! Then read some books about family like Copy Me, Copycub,  Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?,   A Mother for Choco (adoption), or Family Pack. Besides spending time together, I recommend drawing a family picture, taking a family picture, or making a family tree to explore all your extended family.

September 25  – Comic Book Day

Check out from your local library or Amazon your favorite character portrayed as a comic like Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse, Lego, Disney Princess, or Incredibles,  Then I suggest making your own comic using this free printable.


September 26  – Johnny Appleseed Day

Start off by making apple pancakes. Next up read about Johnny Appleseed and then color some of these cute Free Johnny Appleseed Coloring Pages or this apple pie playdough.. This afternoon, why not whip up an apple treat like these apple chips or apple pie – Yum!

September 27  – Tourism Day

Today is Tourism Day. I suggest you plan a pretend (or real if you can swing it) trip somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Print off this free printable passport to make it extra fun for everyone. Help kids find that place on a map, check out a book about that place from the library or read about it online, and make a craft or food that place is known for.

September 28  – Good Neighbor Day

First off, read That Neighbor Kid, The Pirates Next Door, and Bernstein Bears New Neighbors.  Next I suggest either making your kids a card, take them a plate of cookies, or serve them by raking leaves or cutting their grass.

September 29  – Biscotti Day

Start out by exploring where biscotti comes from by reading Pippo the Fool,  Madeline and the Cats of RomeMimi & Piggys Adventure In Venice, and Take me Back to Italy. Now it’s time to put on some Italian music, make some biscotti, and have some pasta for dinner! Viva Italia!

September 30  –  Pony Express Day

Read Whatever Happened to the Pony Express and then watch what it was like in this pony express video. Have kids act out what the pony express was like.

Summer may be winding down and back to school is on the horizon, but that is no reason to stop having fun and creating memories reading September stories and doing fun September Activities together! So download the free pdf file filled with September activity calendar with ideas for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, first graders, 2nd graders, 3rd graders, and 4th graders. 

September Activity Calendar

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