March 3, 2023
Math is Fun with these 5 Simple Tips

Math is Fun with these 5 Simple Tips


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Math is fun when you use these simple tips. Kids in elementary school and high school will learn math fast and love math; using these skills the rest of their lives.
Math is Fun with these 5 simple tips for kids of all ages; great for homeschool students too!


Math is Fun

Math fluency is a fancy way to say your kids can quickly and easily solve basic computation problems.We all like things we are good at. If your kids can quickly and easily solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems they will be able to more easily solve any real world math problem they have.

Math Fluency is achieved with practice, but practice doesn’t have to be boring!

Here are 5 fun way for kids to practice math facts for them to get good at math and have the solid foundation they will need for all future math!   I encourage you to try various of these activities and see which of these works with your unique child and their educational learning style:


Math Practice

#1 – Math Games

Math Games are a fun, effective way for kinetic learners to practice math facts. Here are some of our favorite free printable math games:





#2 – Learning Math Facts with Songs 

I love to sing. My 5th/6th grade teachers used songs to help teach us lots of key facts from the US states in alphabetical order to prepositions, all the US Presidents, and everything in between. Guess what? It stuck and I can still recall those songs to this day some (uhm) 20 something years later.
So if you have a auditory learner learning math facts through songs may be just what you’ve been looking for! 


#3 – Math Flashcards

Math is Fun

Flashcards are a great way for visual learners to practice math facts on their own. It requires no prep and minimal parental involvement. It is a great idea to have kids practice these independently 10-15 minutes a day; you’ll be amazed how much they learn!

Hint:  Make it into a game by timing them to see how many they can get in a minute or having them compete against you or fellow students in an around the world math game.

You can get math flashcards at many locations including our favorite – the Target dollar section in the fall. But my kids favorite are these free printable flashcards that include favorite characters:

#4 – Learning Math Facts with Educational DVDs

For better or worse we live in an age where kids like to be entertained watching the television. well, let’s use that to our advantage by sneaking in some amazing educational shows for our auditory and visual learners!For learning math here are our picks:



#5 – Math Practice Worksheets]

Math worksheets tend to get a bad wrap, but they are an effective tool in helping kids learn and practice math facts. Plus they are great for visual and kinetic learners.

We like to turn our math worksheets into a game – Mad Minutes. You can learn/review an entire year of math with our fun, free printable Mad Minute Math Worksheets:

Another fun way to practice math is by making these math mini books:

You may also want to try Math Fact Cafe that can generate math worksheets for kids from K-5th grade both online and printed worksheets.

Which was your favorite way to make math practice fun?

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