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Minion Theme Party for Families

So many fun, clever ideas for a Minion Theme Party for kids, families, or to use with a Despicable Me movie night for the whole family!So many fun, clever ideas for a Minion Theme Party for kids, families, or to use with a Despicable Me movie night for the whole family! #minions #despicable #kidsactivities

Our family enjoys our family fun nights. Some times they are filled with games, others involve fun outings, but many times they are focused around the theme of a favorite movie. Here is our families Despicable Me Family fun night with the food, activity, and craft we did alongside it.


Despicable Me Family Fun Night Activity

Your family will love this fun themed family fun night. There are tons of minion activities, despicable me food, minion crafts, and despicable me printables.
This makes for such a fun, memorable family night or kids Minion Theme Party.

Minion Theme Party

Minion Theme Party

This was a super simple to set-up Despicable Me activity that my kids loved! All you need are yellow cups, white piece of paper, black marker, and tape.

Stack the cups on a surface like pictured above. Have your children try to knock down the Minions with a bean bag or similar.

Minion Family Movie Night Food

Despicable Me Chip Hat

After seeing Despicable Me 2 we all wanted to a chip hat. So I decided to try to make my own. Well….. it didn’t turn out that great. But just to show you that not everything works out the way I plan it, I decided to show it to you.

My sweet kids still thought it was cool and yummy – bless their little hearts!

Minion banana dessert for Despicable Me Family Fun Night

These Minion Bananas were a delicious, semi-healthy treat. We cut bananas in half and put them on a stick. We then dipped the bananas in melted white chocolate. Then we put them on parchment paper to harden. While they were still “wet” we added edible eyes. We topped with chocolate frosting to make the minion goggles. They were cute AND delicious!

Note: If you get some blue fruit roll ups they will make cute pants.

Despicable Me Minion Foot Art Craft

Minion Family Art Project

One of our favorite parts about our Despicable Me Family Fun Night was making this family art project.

Despicable Me Minion Family Artwork - Minion Footart

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We painted the bottom of our feet mostly with yellow acrylic paint and the third with the toes in a medium blue. We then pressed them on a large canvas. (This took a while to get all our feet on there & cleaned off. The kids thought it was hilarious for Daddy to paint his feet!)

After the paint on the canvas dried we used a paintbrush to add some blue paint to make the suspender part of the Minion pants. Then we used yellow paint to add arms.

Finally we used a black sharpie to make a line for the googles, hair, mouth, and black gloves. Then we used a hot glue gun to add one or two google eyes.

It turned out so cute! I love our little Minion family art work we made! Sweet memories!


Despicable Me Printables

despicable me family movie night

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