52 Creative Ideas for Filling Easter Eggs

Are you looking for some fun, creative, and unique ideas for filling Easter Eggs? here are 52 Creative Ideas for Filling Easter Eggs!
52 creative inexpensive and fun ideas for filling easter eggs

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Creative Ideas for Filling Easter Eggs

  1. Hair things – Get some cute hair clips or pony tail holders. This is a great chance to raid the Gymboree clearance box by the checkout to get some darling clips for $1
  2. Disney Pins – If you have a Disney loving family like we do, you probably collect trading pins. This is a great chance to snag a couple for $1 or less off of EBay and stick in their egg. It helps keep the memories alive and interest in their pin collection renewed until your next magical visit!
  3. Mini Craft Kits – My sister put together a couple pom poms, feather, pipe cleaners, and google eyes in a small zip lock bag for a fun, inexpensive make your own chick craft!
  4. Flower Grow kit – You can make your own from a small peat pot, dirt in a baggie and a couple seeds. These are also frequently found in the Target dollar sections too!
  5. Candy – We try not to go over bored on candy. But this is a nice chance to stick in a mini bunny shaped chocolate or jelly belly’s – a huge treat in our house!
  6. Snack packs – Stick in fruit snack packs, small baggie of gold fish, trail mix, raisins, etc.
  7. Temporary Tattoos – I can pick up a pack of 60+ tattoos at Michaels for $1 and give all the kids some fun tattoos in eggs
  8. Lego Mini Figure – My kids love collecting different Lego mini figures  from the mystery packs. These are a splurge at almost $4 a pack, but make a great treat for your eggs [see lego games]
  9. Stamps – You can grab some cute character self inking stamps for kids from the party store in the party favor isle. They cost about 35 cents each.
  10. Wind up toys – I found a whole bunch of different mini wind up toys for $1. My kid loved how they each walked a different way and they raced them.
  11. Giant Jaw Breakers – I still remember the 5” wide GIANT Jaw breaker my parents got my growing up. You can find these super cool, and unusual treats at Cracker Barrels. It will take your kids weeks or month to get through it with a new flavor/color layer every so often.
  12. Hot wheels – If you have large eggs you can fit hot wheels in the eggs. My son has loved these from the time he was a toddler and to this day. Of course now he takes better care of his cars and likes to collect just the “cool” ones but this is a good pick for kids 2-10 at least! {My hubby still collects cool hot wheels}
  13. Bubbles – You can get mini bubbles at the dollar section, party store, or make your own to refill current containers. Either way bubbles are always a HUGE hit and are fun for the kids to play with after Easter dinner.
  14. Socks – My kids love getting fun character socks. I find these at the Target Dollar Section and Meijer with the other socks. I pick these up throughout the year when I see them and stock them away for later.
  15. Jewelry – Pick up necklaces, rings, bracelets from the Target dollar section, party store favors isle, eBay, or Michaels.  They can be Easter themed, Disney, or fancy ones. You could even include some cut up straw pieces & die cut flowers for your child to make their own necklace.
  16. Play dough – You can buy the prefilled official play dough eggs or make your own play dough to stick in the eggs. Here is our favorite {and super easy} Play dough recipe.
  17. Stickers – My kids LOVE stickers! You can find them in the Target Dollar Section, Michaels {book for $1}, Party Store, Oriental Trading Company, and a myriad of other places. I pick them up when I see them and put them away for later. You can also get FREE stickers in many mailings (like Disney movie club solicitations)
  18. Mini water gun – Grab this at the Party Store favor isle.
  19. Bouncy Balls – Best place to get these is the party store favor section.
  20. Mini animals – You can get a toob off of Amazon in a whole bunch of different themes and stick one in each egg.
  21. Chuck E Cheese tokens
  22. $$ – My kids love it when Grandma sticks a quarter in an egg!
  23. Mini flashlights – I found ring flashlights at Michaels for less than $1 each that were a HUGE hit!
  24. Whistles – Best place to find a good variety is the party store favor section.
  25. Kaleidoscope Egg Craft – Make your own for a fun, playful craft. Short on time, you can always pick up a kaleidoscope at the party store favor section.
  26. Silly Bandz – Boys and girls alike love the packs of rubber band type shaped bracelets. You can find them around the checkout lanes at Target or the Party Store dollar section. For a large selection try Amazon or EBay. They come in shapes, vehicles, animals, princesses, and so much more!
  27. Slap Bracelets – My sons favorite! This year I found Angry Bird bracelets at Michaels for $1 each. It was a HUGE hit!
  28. Nail polish – You can pick up multi packs of princess kids nail polish at the party store, Target, Kohls, or Amazon. For kid safe paint that washes off with soap and water try Piggy Paint.
  29. Puzzle Pieces – You can use an existing puzzle or cut up a picture and stick a piece in each egg. At the end your child can make the puzzle and get a prize!
  30. Little People /Animals – Toddlers love adding more animals or people to their collection. You can usually find 2 packs of animals or people in the toy section that fit in medium to large eggs.
  31. Littlest Pet Shop Figures – These would be a splurge, but if you have a girl in the 5-9 range these may be a huge hit.
  32. Doll clothes – You can get your Disney Princess or Barbie a new outfit and roll it up in the egg.
  33. Chap stick or lip-gloss – My kids are always loosing their chap stick and my little princesses love their “lipstick”.
  34. Band Aids– Get some fun character band aids to stick in. These are sure to make an ouchie better!
  35. Marbles or set of jacks – This is fun because it will be lots of fun to play with afterwards!
  36. DIY chalk – Make your own chalk in your egg as a mold and then it will fit perfectly. You can even glue the one side of the chalk to the half of the Easter egg shell as a handle!
  37. Pretty rocks – help them start a collection buy getting them a cool looking rock or geode.
  38. Mini Slinkie – Grab this at Party store favor Isle
  39. Balloons – Kids love balloons! You can toss in some extras you had from another party, special designed ones, water balloons, or ones that you can then make into a balloon animal for them {lots of simple hot to videos on You Tube}
  40. Jokes – write a joke for older kids
  41. Clues for a treasure hunt that lead to a larger prize, Easter baskets, or an activity.
  42. Mini Erasers – grab some fun shaped or character erasers.
  43. Travel Size Toothbrush – get them a fun color
  44. Clementine’s – easy to peel mini oranges!
  45. Mini bubble bath container
  46. Fun key chain – great for pretend play or for older kids who are ready for their first house key
  47. Squeeze balls (like stress balls) – They have fun kid characters, shapes, and even ones that the eyes pop out! Loads of fun! I’ve seen a good assortment at Michaels.
  48. Confetti (you can make it yourself or get some fun one) – My mother-in-law found edible confetti!
  49. Collectible cards – sports, princess, cars, etc. They have a whole bunch and booklets to collect them in. My kids think the Cars and Disney Princess one are especially cool.
  50. Spinning Top – classic toy that is still lots of fun today!
  51. Mini cookie cutters – for use with play dough or with a promise of upcoming baking!
  52. Finger Puppets


What do you put in your Easter Eggs?

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