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30 Easter Snacks for Kids

Easter will be here soon! There are so many fun Easter snack ideas for kids on the web, but I have rounded up my favorites and am sharing it with you today!

30+ Easter Snacks for Kids - lots of clever egg, Easter bunny, and colorful Easter snacks for kids of all ages perfect for april,Easter, and more

Kids will love these adorable, themed Easter Snacks for Kids of all ages!

easter treats

Anything on a stick is always a hit with kiddos, like these Easter egg marshmallow pops, Carrot Cake Pops, Frozen Yogurt pops and Breakfast popsicles.

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Carrot cupcakes just fit with the Easter holiday right? And Butterfly cupcakes too, since it is Spring in half of the world!

Look at these cute Peek-a-boo cupcakes or make a sweet fondant bunny to go a cupcake or a few on a cake.

Easter dessert ideas

Have you ever baked a cake in a jar? Try this Cake in an Easter Jar! This Jelly Bean Tic Tac Toe is a fun snack to make with kids, and I bet it is yummy too!

Now for something more healthy: cute boiled egg animals, Easter veggie pizzaCrescent carrots with egg salad stuffing or Birds nest breakfast .

Easter desert recipes

Make your own Copycat Reese’s Peanut Butter egg, so easy and delicious too! Bring the reason for the season to life with a crown of thorns bread lesson and snack. Use ordinary snack packs and turn it into fabulous Easter snack packs.

Throw together a Easter snack mix, or add cheddar bunnies to a bag to look like Cheddar bunny carrots.

bunny snacks for kids

Bake some Easter bunny butt cookiessprinkled Easter egg cookies or make Cookie nests with the children. How funny are these Bunny butt pretzels ?

More healthier snack ideas: Carrot dip snackDeviled egg chicks and String cheese bunny.

Easter Snacks

Build a house for Peeps with Peeps Graham crackers and decorate! Or how about making these fun Peeps mobiles? Easy peasy Easter popcorn will go down as a treat. And so will these Easter Bunnies Rice Krispies, these Brownie nests and Easter bark!

So many fun and yummy Easter snacks, perfect for kids(and adults too!)

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