Sermon Notes for Kids

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sermon Notes for Kids

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Here is a great tool to help your kids engage and listen to the weekly sermon at church. These free printable sermon notes for kids is a great resources for Christian kids and Sunday School Lessons.
FREE Printable Sermon Notes for Kids! Several different style for kids from K-6th grade can use with any sermon to listen to Bible stories. Great resource for Christian families or to give out in Sunday School Lessons.

When should kids start listening to the sermon?

I don’t think there is a one-size-fits-all answer to when kids should start listening to the sermon.  A lot depends on your church, your children, and a myriad of other factors. But if you are looking for my personal opinion, here goes.

I think kids are able to [and should] begin attending the entire service when they are in Kindergarten or 1st grade. In our family whenever they made that switch to “school” they also started attending service.

If children can sit and listen in class, they can sit and listen through a 60 minute service. Of those 60 minutes usually only about 30 minutes is a sermon.

Why should kids attend service?

Some people may argue that their church has a great Sunday School program and they’d prefer they go there either because of convenience or that it is geared to their level. Although I think that Sunday School is a wonderful and useful component of Sunday morning, I don’t think it should take the place of attending service.
  1. Kids should be part of corporate worship [the entire body joining together to praise and learn]
  2. Kids need to learn how to behave in church [the whole training them up]
  3. Kids can listen to a 30 minute sermon and LEARN! [Don’t sell them short, kids are bright and can learn a lot!]
sermon notes for kids

Help Kids listen to the Sermon on Sunday Mornings

We’ve tried several different approaches to helping our kids not only sit through, but listen to the sermon. We tried letting them color while listening, we asked them questions after church that were rewarded with M&M’s [a big motivator in our house] and with these Sermon Notes for Kids.

By helping kids listen for specific highlights in the message they will not only learn, but you are training them on how to listen which is an important skill in life. So have them take notes and then  when you get home talk through their notes as a family to make sure they got the highlights.

There are 4 styles of FREE printable sermon notes for kids. They should work with any message for kids K-6th grade.


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  1. It also depends on the level of the sermon. In my church, I feel it would sometimes not be understood by anyone without a university education, or at least having gone through high school. Young kids attempting to listen to that would soon get the idea that church was boring and incomprehensible!

  2. I tried to find these notes at the TPT site and didn't succeed. I am interested in printing them out to have available for children in "big church".

    1. You are welcome to use them unaltered in church. Copyright must remain intact =)

  3. Could we use this for the kids in our church? We only have about 5 children ages 5-10 in our church....We are a fairly new church plant in New Zealand.... Thanks for considering and letting me know what is "legal."