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Unicorn Puffy Slime

Your kids are going to love playing with this EPIC puffy Unicorn Puffy Slime that you can squish, squeeze, and rip.
Unicorn Puffy Slime Recipe is an amazing diy slime that is SERIOUSLY fluffy. You can squish, squeeze and rip this easy slime recipe. This is such a fun kids activity. #slime #unicornslime #puffyslime

Unicorn Puffy Slime

My daughter is obsessed with unicorns. I mean OBSESSED. Shirts, pencils, doesn’t matter what it is. If it’s unicorn, she wants it. I think it’s because of the flowly, puffy hair in all it’s colored glory. My daughter also loves making slime. She can pretty much make a basic slime recipe on her own now, but I thought we’d switch it up a little today and make some Unicorn Puffy Slime.

Have you ever made puffy slime? It’s not your average sticky, slimey, gooey slime. It is legit puffy. You can squish it, squeeze it and even rip it. It is pretty dang cool.


Materials Needed
  • White Glue
  • Shaving Cream (The Foamy Kind)
  • Borax
  • Water
  • Bowl & Fork
  • Optional: Food Coloring & Glitter
slime recipe

Puffy Slime

We made two different colors. If you prefer to only make one batch with one color, just double this recipe instead of making two batches.


The first step is to pour the white glue into a bowl. For the first color we used half of the bottle.
Mix in the desired amount of food coloring and stir. This is also when we added about 2 tbs of  glitter. We clearly did not add enough because you can barely see it. BUT it got all over our hands as well, so maybe glitter isn’t the best choice.
Unicorn Puffy Slime

Next we added about 1 to 2 cups of shaving cream. Start out with 1 and test it out. Stir into the glue, mix well. It should be fluffy.


In a separate bowl we mixed about 2 tbs of borax to ½ cup of water. Mix well.
diy slime
Pour about 1 tbs at a time of the water & borax mixture into the slime mixture. Stir well. Keep adding the water & borax mixture until the slime creates a ball in the center of the bowl. It shouldn’t be sticky.
To finish it off we took the slime ball out of the bowl and mixed it with our hands.


And you’re done.
how to make slime recipe

Easy Slime Recipe

Like I said, it isn’t the same texture as the traditional slime but it is still so much fun. As you play with it in your hands air gets into the slime and makes it puffy. You can pound on it like a ball of dough and squish it in your hands.

Additional Activities

We did what my daughter calls the Hide It In Slime Challenge. We took buttons, letter beads, and colored beads and mixed them up in this slime. The challenge is to mix up as much as you can inside the slime while counting how many pieces you get inside. Hand the slime ball to another person and start the timer. The person holding the slime now has to find all of the beads and buttons as fast as they can. Once all the beads and buttons are found, the time stops.

That person will put all of the beads and buttons back into the slime and hand it back to the other person. Repeat the activity. Whoever got all of the beads and buttons out of the slime fastest wins.

Play again with more or less beads.


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