November 12, 2022
Post it! Old Testament Prophets Review Game

Post it! Old Testament Prophets Review Game


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If you are looking for a fun and simple way to help your kids review old testament prophets you will love this post it game!
Post It! Old Testament Prophets Bible Review Game for Sunday School Kids

Old Testament Prophets Review Game

We studied 13 prophets this year in our 2nd grade Sunday School class. To help the kids review what we had learned I came up with this fun game.

This game would work with any age kids in elementary school who can read. (so end of the year 1st grade – 6th grade)

Post It! Old Testament Prophets Review Game for Kids

We had 8 groups of 5-8 kids in each group (these were our small groups). This activity works with kids in 1st-6th grade, as long as they are reading on their own.

  • Print off labels with a clue for each prophet. Attach one label to one index card.
  • Print off labels with the names of the prophets you studied. Attach one label to one post it note.
  • We “hid” the post it notes all over the walls of our large room. (Note: There were extra post it notes in case one group grabbed the wrong name)
  • We gave each group 5 index cards. I told them there were 13 prophets names on the walls so they would not be getting one of each. The kids then figured out what prophet their card described, found the name, and stuck the post it note to the index card.
  • When a group completed all 5 clue cards they brought them to me to check.

Sunday School Review Game for Kids

This activity took about 10-15 minutes to finish. The kids had a lot of fun and it was a great way to review what they had learned this year in Sunday School.

Old Testament Prophets Quick Summary

For those that are curious, here are the 13 prophets we covered and what they were known for.

  • Elijah – confronted false prophets of Baal
  • Elisha – told Naaman how to be healed of leprosy by washing in Jordan River
  • Amos – use the example of a plumline to tell God’s people the crooked would be judged
  • Hosea – had a very unfaithful wife
  • Jonah – Prophet to Nineveh
  • Joel – People suffering from drought & locust; he said was punishment from God for sins
  • Isaiah – lots of prophecies about Messiah
  • Micah – addressed people sinning; especially mistreating poor
  • Zephaniah – during king Josiah’s time telling them to turn back to God
  • Habakkuk – asked God to do something about violence in Judah, but God remained silent and finally revealed the Babylonians would conquer
  • Nahum – told Assyrian king in Nineveh he would have no children or grandchildren
  • Jeremiah – had two visions – almond branch & boiling water
  • Ezekiel – prophesied to the Israelites while they were in exile

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