November 12, 2022
Math Mosaic Art

Math Mosaic Art


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Mosaics are much more than art activities. Okay, so your child probably isn’t making any ‘real’ mosaics. Grout and glass tiles aren’t exactly easy (or safe) for young children to work with. That said, you can still try one of these projects – just in a more kid-friendly way.

Math Mosaic Art is a fun kids activities to help kids explore making fun art projects for kids while incorporating some fun math for a perfect summer activities for kids and educational activities all in one preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade kids

Bring math into the mix with some pattern play, geometry and number recognition. How? All through mosaic magic.

This kids’ art activity provides plenty of options, depending on your child’s age, interests and the concepts you are currently working on.

Math Mosaic Art

Before getting started, you’ll need …
  • Card stock paper
  • Scissors
  • A paintbrush
  • Cardboard
  • Clear-drying school glue
  • A pencil
While there are a few different options for this activity, they all start with making a base. Cut the cardboard into a shape. Your child can choose to make a square, rectangle, triangle, circle or organic (free-form)shape.

Pattern Mosaic Artwork

cut paper of two different colors into shapes

Cut the paper into dime-sized shapes. They don’t have to be circles, just a similar size. Choose at least two different colors.

paint the cardboard piece with glue

Paint a wash of glue on the cardboard. Squeeze a small pool of the glue out and use the brush to spread it over the area. Have your child work in sections, so that the glue doesn’t dry before your child can add the paper.

press cut shapes into glue painted cardboard to make a pattern

Create a pattern with the colors. Press the paper shapes onto the glue, lining them up in a pattern such as yellow, green, yellow, green. Older kids can create more complex patterns, using multiple colors and making sophisticated designs.

Geometry Mosaic Artwork

geometry mosaic art project for kids

Cut the paper into dime-sized shapes. Make as assortment of shapes, in two colors. Ask your child to name the shapes as he cuts them out.

Draw one large shape in the center of the cardboard.
art activities for kids to work on shapes and patterns


Paint a wash of glue over the cardboard. Your child should still be able to see the pencil drawing underneath.

Glue one color set of shapes inside of the pencil lines and one outside.

Number Recognition Mosaic Artwork

number recognition activity for kids


Cut the paper into dime-sized shapes. Again, in two different colors. Draw a number (bubble-style) in the center of the cardboard.
Again, paint a wash of glue over the entire board. Glue one color of shapes inside the number and the other outside. Have your child count the shapes as he glues them down.


HINT:  You can try variations of this activity, using a letters theme or even making animals. Have your child draw the design (whether it’s a letter, word or picture of something she’s studying right now) on the board before adding the mosaic on top!


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