March 3, 2023
Free Ending Digraph Game Early Readers Will Love

Free Ending Digraph Game Early Readers Will Love


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Young readers will love playing this simple game that practices ending digraphs. In this digraphs for kids activity we are targeting words ending with CH, CK, SH, and TH. This phonics game is the perfect activity for children just starting to read in kindergarten and first grade to learn what are digraphs! Simply print digraph activity and you are ready to play and learn!

Young readers will love playing this simple game that practices ending digraphs. In this digraphs for kids activity we are targeting words ending with CH, CK, SH, and TH. This phonics game is the perfect activity for children just starting to read in kindergarten and first grade to learn what are digraphs! Simply print digraph activity and you are ready to play and learn!  

Ending Digraphs

Most children love playing games. And let’s face it, games make learning fun, so why not take advantage to sneak in some extra practice? I love incorporating games into learning time, whether it is math or reading. This simple Bump Game is a fun way to have children practice reading words with ending digraphs such as fish and wash. We know that practice makes perfect when it comes to reading, so a game is the best way to make it fun. If the kids are having fun, they will want to do the activity and that makes life so much easier. This digraph activity is perfect for kindergartners and grade 1 students. But before we dive into the digraph games, lt’s learn what are digraphs and how to teach digraphs for kids.

What are Digraphs

What are Digraphs?

A digraph is two letters that merge to make one sound. A digraph can be made up of vowels or consonants. Examples of consonant digraphs are:

  • ch as in arch
  • sh as in fish
  • th as in bath
  • wh as in where
  • ph as in phone
  • ck as in sock

The sound made by digraph sound is different than the sounds of each letter blended together. This means they cannot be sounded out by letter. This means they are a little trickier. Children need to learn and recognize them as they progress in their reading. There is really only one way to do this and that is to practice over and over. Worksheets have their place, but they can become tedious after a while. Having a couple of games will make the learning fun and there is nothing wrong with that. Consonant digraphs are often at the start or end of words. Our game focuses on diagraphs at the end of words.

Digraph Game

Digraphs for Kids

We created a free ending digraph for you to download and create. Children will enjoy playing it and you will find that it is a very engaging activity. Don’t be surprised if it becomes a class favorite! The best part is that it is very easy to prep and doesn’t require a lot of materials.

What does this game practice?

This easy game practices three different skills

  • Learning and recognizing 4 ending digraphs
  • Finding words ending with those digraphs on their game board.
  • Reading the words.

Phonics Game

Phonics Game

The printable includes word cards, spinner, and 2 game boards.

We have 4 words in each group of ending digraphs

  • ch words (arch, peach, sandwich, and punch)
  • ck words (sock, duck, sick, and neck)
  • th words (cloth, bath, tooth, and earth)
  • sh words (brush, wash, fish, and lash)

digraph activity

This game is the perfect way to help the children practice these ending digraphs. They are designed for children who have some basic literacy skills. They have practiced beginning and ending sounds and can sound out simple CVC words. Once they have mastered these basics they are ready to more on the digraphs.

You will need:

bump game for kindergarten and first grade

Digraph Game

  • Print game board, spinner, and word cards on cardstock
  • Laminate for durability if you wish
  • Cut out word cards
  • Punch a hole in the middle of the game spinner and assemble the spinner parts.

NOTE If you don’t have a game spinner, you can use a brad and a paper clip. This video shows you how to assemble the spinner.

Digraph activity

  • Give each player a set of colored game markers
  • The first player spins the arrow or paperclip.
  • They find a picture on the game board that ends with that sound. They can use the word cards if they need help.
  • Place their counter on that picture.
  • They can “bump off” any counter belonging to other players. Then place their own counter on the picture.
  • A picture with two markers is frozen and cannot be bumped.
  • The game is over when all the pictures are frozen.
  • The winner is the player who freezes the most pictures.


  • Invite children to pick a word and write a sentence that includes that word. Older children could try writing a story that uses more than one word.
  • Send children on a word hunt to find more words that end with these diagraphs. They could make little books to record the words.

Make practicing digraphs fun with this super cute, free printable Digraph Bingo. This Digraph game is a fun bingo game perfect for helping elementayr age students in first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade practicing learning digraphs with a fun twist!  Simply print the phonics game pdf file with the and you are ready to play and learn with a digraph activity!   digraph board game for working on sh, ch, th words If your child is working on digraphs, these free digraph worksheets are sure to come in handy! This set focuses on the ch words worksheets. Use these ch worksheets to practice and improve reading, vocabulary and writing skills in Kindergarten and first graders. Learning digraphs is important for children as it helps them to learn to recognise that letters come together to make one sound, which will help them read more fluently. Use these FREE printable ch sound worksheets to play and learn at school or home! Teach digraphs for kids with these super cute, free printable digraph puzzles. This digraph activity is perfect for kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade students who are working on reading and spelling more complex words. This phonics activity allows students to work on ph, th, ch, gu, wh, and sh digraphs. Simply print pdf file with digraph printables to use in color or in black and white.

Digraph and Blends

As children progress in phonics they work on digraphs and blends. Digraphs are two consonants that make one sound such as /TH/ sys thumb. Consonant blends have two constonants that each still make their own sound such as . If you are looking for more blends for kids games, worksheets, and activities? Check out these resoures or see all our digraph activities or consonant activities.

Trigraph Reader Help your first grader improve reading and spelling with these super cute, free printable trigraph worksheets. These cut and paste worksheets for first grade and 2nd grade students help children work on the trigraphs spr, spl, str with this fun cut and paste and activity.  trigraph activity playdough mats Make learning trigraphs fun with these free trigraph worksheets that students will complete with bingo daubers! Your first grade and 2nd grade students will have fun completing these phonics worksheets to improve reading and spelling using these do a dot printables to work on trigraphs scr, shr, and squ. 

Mastered digraphs? Move on to trigraphs for kids! These words are 3 constonants that make one sound such at

FREE TH Worksheets - kids will have fun leanring to read th words in a sentece with this FREE printable for kindergarten, first grade students #thwords #firstgrade #kindergarten Are you looking for a fun way for your first grader to practice Ending Blends? This fun phonics game is a great way to help improve skills to become better readers and spellers. This FREE printable s blends activity is a fun way to help teaching children to read. Simply print the pdf file, read the words, and clip the answer.

Consonant blends activities

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Your kids will love practicing their ending digraphs (sh, ch, th, and ck) with this fun bump game. Just spin the arrow and find a word that ends in the same digraph. We’ve got word cards to help beginners. Perfect for early readers and easy to prepare. This set includes gameboard, spinner and word cards. Click through to snag your set today.

Bump Game

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