Category - Cars

Kids will have fun making crafts using cars, doing hands on car activities, encouraging reading / potty trainng / chores, and learning math and literacy activities with a fun cars theme!

Rainbow Painting with Cars Kids Activity

You will love this outrageously fun painting with cars activity where kids will make a cheery rainbow painting. This rainbow painting for kids is a fun painting idea for toddler, preschool, pre-k...

Cars and Toy Story Sight Words Readers

Help your preschool child start reading by mastering key sight words. These two Lightening McQueen and Toy Story themed sight words reader are inspired by the Disney movies our kids all know and love...

Rubber Band Powered Car

Building and creating is something we just don’t do enough. We can buy manual powered cars, or even remote controlled cars, but nothing compares to creating one your ow elastic band cars. This fun...

Car File Folder Punctuation Games

This super cute, free printable Car File Folder activity is a fun educational game for first grade and 2nd grade students. Use this cars theme punctuation games to make practicing adding punctuation...

Cars Themed Booklogs

Help kids get excited about reading and keep track of the books you want your child to read in school this year with these super cute Disney Lightening McQueen inspired, Cars Themed Booklogs. These...

FREE Disney Cars Reward Chart

Help encourage your kids to read, use the toilet, do their chores, or any other task that needs completing with these fun and free Disney Cars Inspired Reward Charts. Updated: Originally published...

Cars Sensory Bin

Kids will love having fun with cars while exploring with their senses using this super cute cars sensory bin. This is lots of fun for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and 1st & 2nd grade kids.

Sight Word Game Drag Racing Cars

Kids will love learning sight words in this playful sight word game for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade kids.

FREE Trace Numbers with Cars

Preschool kids will love learning to make their numbers by using cars to trace them with this free printable preschool worksheet.