March 24, 2020
15 Ways to Avoid Social ISOLATION as you Shelter at Home

15 Ways to Avoid Social ISOLATION as you Shelter at Home


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We all know we need to keep our distance from one another to limit the spread of this disease. We are told to stay 6 feet from those not within our family. But social distnancing does NOT have to me social isolation. We NEED each other! We need suport from others.

15 Ways to Avoid Social ISOLATION as you Shelter at Home

Social Distancing doesn’t have to mean ISOLATION

First I want to make sure you all hear me clearly on this. I am NOT advocating for ignoring the guidelines to keep 6 feet away from others. My family was one of the first that made a decision (largely in part to one of my children’s special need) to quarantine ourselves at home. No we are not sick. But we can’t afford to get sick! So have made the choice to stay home to limit the spread, slow the corve, and stay safe!

I encourage all of you to stay home as well. The fewere people out and about, the less this will spread, and the sooner we can get back to normal. Can I get an Amen?!


Just because we cannot be physically close to others should not mean we all become hermits and stop carrying about those in our circles, those in our neighborhoods, and those who are in need around us. We need to care MORE during this crisis – lean into people and make sure everyone is okay. So how can you abide by social distancing without social isolation?


Staying Connected as you Shelter at Home

Use Social Media to Show you Care

Connect with others through text, email, Facebook, Twitter, Next Door, etc to see how they are doing. Sometimes the worse part is feeling all alone! Think especially about singles, elderly, single parents…. They would love to get a message just letting them know you are thinking about them. Send a simple hi, quote a favorite verse, send a funny meme, or just ask how they are doing.

Facetime with Family and Friends

Not being able to see your parents, grandparents, cousins, aunt & uncles can be hard! Especially for families that are close or far away.  Stay close by making it a point to use Facetime, Messenger, Skype, Zoom, etc. to talk to your family face to face.  There is just something about seeing the faces and hearing the voices of those we love that is good for the soul. But don’t limit it just to family, make sure your kids know they can facetime close friends too – this is an especially hard time for teens who are so invested in their friends’ lives

Donate Food

If you do make a run to the store to get essentials, but a little extra and on your way home, drop it off at a food drop off location or church. Just call to make sure they are still accepting donations and maintain a 6 food space between you.

Go to Church (Virutually)

Most every church I’ve heard of has an online service so you can still see / hear your pastor , be encouraged, and grow in your faith. Many churches have different ways you can let them know if you are in need or have a prayer request. Some churches have children’s ministry online or meet via Zoom. But not all churches are offering all these services, and not everyone has a church they call home. So other than leaning in to your local church, share with neighbors and friends (online)  when your church has a program they may be interested it. And it is okay to “go to another church” that has what you are in need of during these times!

Share with those in Need

Some of you have excess supplies while others can’t find toilet paper or hand sanitizer to get through the day. Stay plugged in to social media and when someone in yoru community is in need, leave an extra bottle by the mailbox.  I love hearing stories of home health workers who need hand sanitzer and others volunteer a bottle they can spare.

Give to Charity

Just because you can’t go to church or your other favorite charity doesn’t mean you should stop giving! They need your financial support now more than ever! Not only do the staff still need to get salaries (so they can feed their families), but in times of crisis comes extreme needs. Some in your community will loose their jobs and need support. Your faithful giving allows the church to help those in need around you that you may never see.  And not just churches – homeless shelters, food kitchens, etc. all need at least the support you have always given if not more! Visit their websites – most have a place to give online.

Support  Financially

You many not be able to dine in, or feel comfortable getting take out, but you can still support your favorite businesses. Buy a giftcard for your favorite restaurant, shop onine at Kohls, Amazon, Gymboree, etc. They all NEED your business just as much as ever —– but now you get to shop from the comfort of your couch. No judgement if you showered today or have on slippers =)

Send a Note…. or Card

There is just something about getting mail. You can send a card (if you have stamps or order them online at, print off a birthday card to put in the mail, or send a virtual birthday card via email.


Nothing helps you stop focusing on your own loneliness faster than putting the focus on others. Pray for friends, family, neighbors, doctors/nurses, essential services not closing, governor, president, sick, other countries.  Your family may consider having a blessing jar where you write down things you are grateful for everyday. Things may not be ideal, but we all have SO MUCH to be thankfulfor!

Do Yardwork

If you have a neighbor who is unwell or elderly, you can help out by doing their hard work. You wont even have to run into them…. but it will be a huge blessing to them!

Be Part of a Community

Many of you are part of school, homeschool coop, work, neighborhood communities that have interactions on various platforms online. Check them to see if there is anything you can help with in your community (i.e. sewing masks, yard work) and to share this joint experience. Comment on peoples post and create conversation – trust me you all need it!

Love on those in your family

Use this as an opportunity to really get to know and ENJOY your family members! Find out what they like, create a shared interest, start a inside joke. Be grateful you are not alone and treasure those you are sheltering at home with! Tell them you love them, hug them, sit close, and enjoy each other ! Make sure you see 101 Things to Do Isolation

things to do in isolation

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How lucky are we to be living in an age where we can connect with one another virtually! Let’s make technology work to bring us closer together for a change! Connect with others, make their day, and feel less isolated yourself!

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