A Day in the Life of a Work at Home Homeschooling Mom

Today we’ve got Jill sharing about her busy day as a work at home homeschooling Mom!  If you’ve missed any of our ongoing series “A Day in the Life of Another Mom” take a peak and read back. Isn’t it great to be a fly on the wall of someone else’s kitchen wall and see that we ALL have days like that!

A Day In The Life of a Work at Home Homeschooling Mom

I seem to get asked daily how I can get everything done in a typical day being a work at home homeschooling mom. My best answer to everyone came out the other day in one of my Facebook communities. If you are familiar with the Disney film ‘Finding Nemo’ then you know the character Dory. I think that I have Dory’s energy and drive with an extra dose of espresso. While every day can be different for any homeschooling family here is what a “typical” day looked like in our household recently:
5:00am – Time to wake up (this is my normal wake up time Monday-Friday. Since my hubby has an hour commute to get into work we both wake up nice and early to get him out the door in the mornings.)
5:15am – I enjoy a nice big cup of coffee (coffee is essential every morning in my favorite coffee cup that I have had for over 5 years, love that Eeyore) and we feed and wake up our 4 dogs Gus Gus, Daisy, Captain Jack Sparrow, and our puppy Jessie.
5:30am – I hop online to respond to emails, interact on social media platforms, and set up some of my goals and Pinterest pins for the day while watching the news before the kids wake up.
5:45am – Shortly after my hubby leaves for work I squeeze in what I like to call a “Super Mom” shower (5 minutes or less) and then get dressed for the day. Next, I head back to responding to emails and setting up my work day.


6:45am – I head out to water our immediate yard in hopes of keeping the area around our home green (we live on 7+ acres).
7:30am – Beck and Elizabeth just woke up, they take the puppy potty again. After I get them a quick breakfast which today happens to be waffles and honeydew melon (thank goodness for my meal planner) and grab another cup of coffee, I get the first load of wash going in the washing machine.
8:00am – I vacuum the entire house. I vacuum daily since we live very rural we get tons of dirt and debris going in and out of the house. Plus, with 4 dogs and homeschooling the floors and carpets take a beating every day. While I vacuum the house the kids do their morning chores (wiping down bathroom counters, emptying trash cans, picking up the dog droppings in the dog run, taking the trash out to the dumpster, and sweeping the front porch).
8:30am – I put the load of wash out on the clothesline. We walk several of the dogs around our property before it gets hot outside. This can be a challenge at the moment since we are leash training our puppy.
9:00am – The kids head outside to play on the playground and then proceed to head down to our creek. I hop on to the computer to respond to emails and check social media again. Today I got to make a few business phone calls since the house is quiet at the moment (which is rare with 2 children and 4 dogs).
9:20am – I begin working on editing my upcoming History Rocks curriculum.
10:30am – The kids come in for a drink and quick snack. I check my cleaning schedule and see that today’s room to clean is the family room. We clean the family room for the week.
11:00am – The kids have already taken off to go play outside. I get back to work and am now working on an Early Learning Princess Preschool Pack.

12:00pm – Lunch time for both the kids and our puppy. After lunch we take a short walk around the property to exercise our 2 youngest dogs (Captain Jack Sparrow and Jessie).
Science Experiments

12:45pm – Time to start our homeschool lessons for the day! To end our lessons today we had a big science lesson in the works.
4:30pm – The kids are done with their lessons for the day. We play with the dogs before the kids get on their swimsuits.

 Foam Block Pool Spelling

5:00pm – Swimming pool time!! The kids enjoy playing and exercising in the pool for PE. I spend 5 minutes with both Beck and Elizabeth practicing their spelling words for the day using my Foam Block Pool Spelling technique (Elizabeth has the word flower spelled in the foam blocks above). I spend time out by the pool on my laptop catching up on work and mapping out ideas for upcoming posts and packs.
5:45pm – My hubby arrives home from work. He hops into the pool for 20 minutes with the kids. Then the kids head off to shower while I make dinner and feed the dogs their dinner.
6:30pm – Family dinner at the table. My hubby and I always stress family dinners to make sure that we all reconnect.
7:15pm – After cleaning up the kitchen the kids have a bedtime story with Dad. Then they hop upstairs to bed to read a book before dozing off to sleep. I hop back onto the computer to respond to emails and check social media, continue working on my Early Learning Princess Pack and write an article for a fellow blogger. Then I work for half an hour on editing my upcoming e-book.
9:30pm – Time to watch a show with my hubby (which tonight happens to be Defiance).
10:30pm – Off to sleep to start the day all over again tomorrow.


Jill of Enchanted Homeschooling Mom is the homeschooling mother of 2 awesome children (Beck and Elizabeth), a loving wife, who brings readers along on her family’s homeschooling journey in their rural setting. She enjoys blogging about everything related to her homeschooling experience, from the daily happenings of Beck and Elizabeth, to the adventures in nature around them, to her family’s 4 rescue dogs, to just about anything that makes their homeschooling journey magical over at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom. Jill also takes the time to create printables for her homeschool classroom that she provides at her EHM Member’s Only Website. She has a wide variety of printables, curriculums, unit studies, and holiday related items that everyone is sure to find educational, useful, fun, and appropriate.

What is your day like?

Would you like to contribute to A Day in the Life of Another Mom? We’d love to read about your day! This series will be ongoing as long as there are people willing to give us all a glimpse into their lives. If you would like to share A Day in Your Life please email me your day to l123homeschool4me (at) gmail.com. Feel free to include picture (s). I will let you know promptly when it will be posted. (If you have a blog please let me know as I will include a link to your blog in the post.)

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