April 2, 2019

+5 Ipad Apps You’ll Love–#2


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Have you recently bought an ipad and are wondering what you should load it up with? Or are you looking for some new favorites to add to your collection? Here are 5 of our favorites! (just click on the thumbnail below to see the app in iTunes) I will be continuing this series as we find new favorite apps I think you will like!
image PopOut! Peter is one of our favorite book apps for our Ipad! It is the classic and well loved tale of Peter Rabbit. This book app is $4.99 and a good deal when you consider that many traditional books sell for $13 on iTunes. You can read the story yourself or have it beautifully narrated in a lovely English accent; there is nice background ‘elevator’ music too. You can touch any word and have it read for you – great for beginner readers. But the best part of this book is that the illustrations are interactive. Touch the falling leaves to make more, the rabbits to have them move & make noise, or move one of the may pop out features to move characters – just like paperback books! This book is a real treat!


The Princess Dress-Up: My Sticker Book app is one of my daughter’s favorite! There are 3 pages with a fresh mini-story on each of the 7 Disney Princesses. Then, my daughter’s favorite part, you get to use ‘stickers’ to change the princesses dress, jewelry, purse, shoes, and gloves. PLUS you can take a picture of your child and let her dress herself up! Cool, right? I know it doesn’t use the same pincher fine motor skill, but then again it is portable, reusable, and I won’t find stickers all over my house either =-)

BabyFirst Encyclopedia is my 1 1/2 year old’s favorite. No she doesn’t spend a lot of time on the Ipad, but this app has beautiful photographs, says their name, gives information, and will make their noise when you touch them. You can pick Zoo, Vehicles, Farm, Sea, Harvest, Art (famous pieces of art), or Quiz. At $2.99 this app is a nice one to have on hand for 1-4 year olds!

CookieDoodle is one of the funnest (I know that’s not really a word) app! Your child mixes up one of 24 different types of cookies by sliding ingredients in, sifting the flour, cracking an egg, pouring vanilla, etc. into a bowl. Then they use their finger to mix it. Then they roll out the dough with a rolling pin and pick one of the 100+ cookie cutters. After you bake the cookie you get to decorate it! Use frosting, a piping bag, different size/shape sprinkles, and a myriad of candies. Once your cookie is done you can save it on a plate and/or eat it up! Totally worth the $0.99 we paid for it!!

Love to Count by Pirate Trio is one of my Kindergartners favorite math games. This game does more than just drill math equations, it talks about weight, fractions, directions, number order, clocks, counting, equations and more. All is presented around a pirate/nautical theme and narrated with a charming British accent. At the end of each round your child gets a letter. After they finish the word they get to pick an item for their treasure box. The app touts 700+ math tasks (not that we’ve seen them all yet!). The app is intended for kids 4-7 year olds and is a reasonable $3.99.

I’d love to know if you find a new family favorite from my list above! I’ll continue the series as long as I see an interest and have favorites to share =-) If you have a family favorite I haven’t mentioned I’d LOVE to know. If I mention it in a future post I will mention and link to your blog!
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