December 8, 2020

5 Ways to Celebrate Incredible Kid DayToday


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Do you have an incredible kid? Sure you do! Every kid is incredible which is why Incredible kid Day on March 16th is the perfect time to celebrate kids and all the incredible things they can do.

Celebrate Incredible Kid Day

1. Read Books About Incredible Kids

Everyone is familiar with Mozart as a child prodigy, but there are many other remarkable kids in history like Abbie Burgess, a young girl who kept the lighthouse lamps lit during a terrible storm. There’s also Louise Braille who was in school when he developed his reading system for the blind. Incredible Kid Day is the perfect time to inspire your own children with books about other incredible kids.

2. Write About Incredible Plans

What do your kids plan on doing as adults? Do they plan to explore Mars, go on missions to Africa, or develop a cure for cancer? Have your kids sit down and write about the incredible things they’re going to do with their life. If they get stuck, remind them to keep the 5-W’s in mind: who, what, when, where, and how. Your kids don’t need to write pages, just a paragraph or two will do.

3. Create Collage of Skills

Being an incredible kid isn’t just about what they’ll do in the future. It’s also about what your kids can do now. Youngest children especially get frustrated by what they can’t do. So pull out magazines and have your kids create a collage of the various skills they’ve learned over the years, skills such as reading, bike riding, and baseball. They’ll be amazed at how many skills they have.

4. Create Cards

Remind your children that they’re not the only incredible kids around. Their friends are pretty incredible too. Incredible kid day is a wonderful time to create inspiring cards for friends and family. Draw pictures, write stories, and share why your friends and family are so important to you. Perhaps they’re funny and tell wonderful jokes. Your friends may be sensitive and encourage you when you’re having a bad day. So create cards for the people you love.

5. Talent Show

Have your kids performed on stage? If not, a talent show is the perfect time for a debut performance. Brainstorm ideas for talents your children can perform in the show. The collage comes in handy right about now! Don’t forget to set the stage for the talent show and send out invitations.

Incredible Kid Day is the perfect day to inspire your children with future plans and appreciating your kids for the amazing people they are.

How will you celebrate Incredible Kid Day?


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