November 12, 2022
30 Name Recognition Activities

30 Name Recognition Activities


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Name recognition is a skill young children should develop early on. Using fun, hands-on name recognition activities are the best way to help them practice this skill. Here are 30 super fun name recognition activities your kids will enjoy:

30 name recognition activities for kids!! Lots of really fun, clever and unique hands on learning activities for toddler, preschool, prek, and kindergarten age kids to learn their name and how to spell it.

First toddler, preschool, prek, and kindergarten age children need to learn their letters. They can do this singing the alphabet song, seeing alphaet wall cards, watching Leap Frog Letter Factory, and these fun, FREE printable Alphabet Activities for Kids
Now that they know their letters, it’s time for them to learn why letters matter…. to spell words. The most important word your child needs to learn is their name!

Name Recognition Activities

fun name recognition activities for preschool, prek, kindergarten, toddler

Playdough is a great tool to use with young children because of the sensory element and most kids love playdough. Try these playdough imprints or playdough and pompoms name recognition activities.

Use magnetic letters on a cookie sheets for a name sorting activity on the go!
Name recognition soup and a learn your name sensory bin are fun ideas to use all the senses.

Also, see this sensory name activity, so much fun!

Use markers for this name writing idea or use DIY letter tiles to pack out and stick a name.

how to teach your child their name

Make your own name puzzles: this name with photo puzzles made with craft sticks looks easy and so does this letter card name puzzle.

Does your child like toy cars? Make big name “roads” and ride your car over your name!
Textured names: another fun craftivity to recognize and learn to spell names.

Use Duplo-type blocks to build names or print out this sweet printable to make your own ice cream name.

Clothespins or pegs, as seen in this clothespin activity, are frugal to use and a great fine motor skills activity too!

Use felt to make this no-sew felt rocket your boy(or girl) will adore!

Button name necklaces, inspired by the book Corduroy, is such a brilliant name recognition activity. Another book-inspired activity is fun this Apple Up On Top one, do check it out!

Add a bit of science and spell your name with salt, glue and water colours.
Make a name kit for each child to play and spell in the go!

hands on alphabet letter and name recognition learning activities for early learners

Use buttons to make button names, also good for fine motor skills and so is this apple threading name idea.

This Cat in the Hat name puzzle is a good way to practice name recognition skills when you are reading Dr.Seuss books.

Print and get flower planting with this fun learning activity or enjoy this tactile name writing idea.

Use stickers or marshmallows to”write” names or make a fun ring toss game!

Go for a walk and collect items like rocks, leaves and sticks for a nature name activity.

Make a cute caterpillar name, perfect for your The Hungry Caterpillar fans!

Kids will love this silly French Fry name Recognition Craft!

So many great activities to work on name recognition skills for little ones. Which one is your favorite?

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