November 12, 2022
40+ FUN Plastic Easter Egg Activities for Kids

40+ FUN Plastic Easter Egg Activities for Kids


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Looking for some fun, unique things to do with those plastic Easter eggs you have laying around. Their are so many fun easter egg activities you can do other than just hold handy and go on an Easter Egg Hunt. From growing a garden to Easter egg crafts, educational activities to makeing bath bombs Рwe have over 40 fun easter egg activities for kindergarten, preschool, pre-k, toddler, first grade, and 2nd graders. So start scrolling and pick your favorite easter activity for kids.

Looking for some fun, unique things to do with those plastic Easter eggs you have laying around. Their are so many fun easter egg activities you can do other than just hold handy and go on an Easter Egg Hunt. From growing a garden to Easter egg crafts, educational activities to makeing bath bombs - we have over 45 fun easter egg activities for kindergarten, preschool, pre-k, toddler, first grade, and 2nd graders. So start scrolling and pick your favorite easter activity for kids.

Easter egg activities

Whether you have extra plastic eggs laying around your house before or after Easter, or just need some new¬†Easter activities for kids, don’t get rid of them – these plastic eggs are good for SO many things! There are so many fun Easter eg activities to do with them that the kids will love, that’ll look super cute and also some really great educational and learning tools you can create to help your kids growth. These are such clever easter activities for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 students. We’re loving these ideas – take a look!


Easter Egg Activity

  • These Egg Shakers are a quick, 3-step activity to make that your kids will love to play with!
  • When your kids need something to do, or you need some extra decor for Easter, these cute Crystal Eggs are the perfect little craft! They’re so pretty too.
  • What’s the perfect way to fill an apothecary jar to decorate for Easter, you ask? Your answer is these beautiful Nonpareil Eggs made with plastic eggs! So smart!
  • Add a little farmhouse-chic to your home this Easter and make these Upcycled Plastic Easter Eggs with Vintage Book Pages! They’re beautiful and are such a conversation piece.
  • Little kids who are learning to spell, read and write need all of the practice they can get. That’s why using plastic eggs to make this Fun Phonics Game is a MUST have around your house! Your kiddos can get in some extra practice AND have fun doing it – that’s a real mom win!
  • It’s easy to get creative when making these Despicable Me Minion Easter Eggs using plastic eggs!
  • Need a quick and easy, last minute way to decorate for Easter Sunday? You have to make these DIY Twine Wrapped Easter Eggs! They couldn’t be easier and are just so cute.
  • Here’s something a little different… Easter Egg Bath Bombs! We never would have thought to use plastic eggs to make bath bombs, but this is genius!
  • All of your toddlers will LOVE these Easter Egg Maracas! They’re quite simple to make and check out the colorful washi tape options you can use to make them.
  • Get ready for not only Easter, but spring, too, by making these absolutely adorable Easter Egg Succulents! They look so real, don’t they?!
  • Your kiddos will be SO excited to help you make these cute little Decoupage Easter Eggs. It’s such a fun craft that has endless possibilities!
  • Try making this Easter Egg Lunch Hunt for your kids – we promise, they’ll LOVE it! Opening up each egg will leave them with a fun surprise seeing what you packed them in each egg.
  • This DIY Resurrection Eggs activity is the perfect way to bring the story of Easter to life with your kids.


Activities with plastic easter eggs

  • Easter eggs are an essential part of Easter, but these plastic eggs are also great to help your kids learn! There’s so many ways to make plastic eggs into learning materials, but one of the best ways is to make them into Coin Counters!
  • Your kids will go crazy for these Faux Fur Easter Eggs made with plastic eggs, and they may even have fun making them with you!
  • Get a set of plastic eggs for your kids to let your kids Paint with Plastic Easter Eggs! They’ll have a blast dipping them in paint, creating fun little paintings.
  • Use all of your extra plastic eggs and set your kids up at the table to make some adorable Plastic Egg Bugs!
  • These Easter Egg Caterpillars are so creative! Your kids will love putting them together and mix-and-matching the colors they use.
  • When you need something to keep your kids busy for a few hours, have them make these cute little Yarn Bumble Bees made with plastic eggs!
  • While these are super versatile, you can create these adorable Pink Pineapple Easter Eggs with plastic eggs, and your kids will go crazy over them!
  • Get your kids, get your plastic eggs and make this Plastic Microphone and Stand set for them to play with – they will have so much fun creating it AND using it!
  • Kids of all ages can learn to plant, and you can get some small herb plants going with these Plastic Egg Mini Planting Pots!
  • How CUTE are these Easter Egg Hot Air Balloons?! So creative and such a fun craft.
  • What little kid wouldn’t love making these cute Monster Eggs using plastic Easter eggs! Whether it’s for Easter Sunday, for their friends or just for fun, it’s a fun activity that’ll let their creative side show.
  • This Letter Matching Sensory Bin is a great way to use those plastic eggs you have laying around your house both during the Easter season and year-round as well. Kids love this!
  • Nothing better than a great learning tool for your kids that they will LOVE to play with! Here’s a great Color Sorting Printable to use for kids to practice color matching with.


Things to do with plastic easter eggs

  • Once your kids are at the age where they’re recognizing letters and the alphabet song comes into play, this Plastic Eggs Name Game is a great way to help them get their practice in!
  • Check out how cute these Unicorn Easter Eggs are! Your kids will LOVE to make these with you as a fun craft.
  • Here’s a different way to use plastic Easter eggs – make egg shaped ice cubes! These DIY Ice Cube Easter Eggs are colorful and your kids will love them, but they’re also festive and fun for your guests on Easter Sunday.
  • These Word Chunk Egg Spinners make for a great on-the-go game for kids (hello, in-car entertainment!) and also gets them to think about mix and matching different words.
  • Use your plastic eggs to make a Make Your Name Word Activity for the kids – they’ll learn to recognize colors, patterns and mots importantly, letters and names.
  • Working on spelling with your little ones? This Scrambled Eggs Sight Word Egg Hunt is a great learning tool that uses plastic Easter eggs.
  • Math may not be everyone’s favorite, but since it’s an essential for kids, giving them some extra prep at home is crucial. And even more crucial is getting them to think logically! These Hands On Logic Problems for Kids use plastic eggs and provide such a great learning tool for kids when it comes to math!
  • Need an educational activity for the kids that they will really learn from AND love to do? Here’s a fun Float or Sink Activity using Easter eggs – check out the fun ideas of what to fill each egg with to make them float or sink!
  • On a warm, sunny day that the kids are playing outside, keep them busy and their brains thinking with this fun Bi-Carb Easter Egg Experiment. Definitely an activity for outside, but a fun one nonetheless!
  • Kids of all ages will LOVE to explore and use their imaginations to make Homemade Egg Shakers! It’s a great way for them to create different sounds and keep them busy for hours.

Plastic easter egg activities

  • Using plastic eggs, make Frozen Easter Eggs for your kids to have Easter chalk, or even add juice to make egg shaped popsicles – how fun!
  • The kids will love this Trivia Egg Hunt Game, but so will the whole family! Loving this fun game for everyone.
  • Wobbly Easter Eggs are a great, homemade and inexpensive toy that your kids will love to play with and even learn and benefit from!
  • Using plastic Easter eggs is also a great way for kids to practice their fine motor skills. These Fine Motor Easter Egg Fun ideas are genius – check out how you can use an opened plastic egg to teach kids to count with pom poms!
  • Color some dry rice, get some plastic eggs and you have yourself a Easter Egg Sensory Bin that your kids will play with for hours on end!
  • Your kids will go crazy for these Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Shakers – we love this idea!
  • Easter Egg Slime is a genius way to keep your kiddos busy – this is a genius DIY!
  • Who says that STEM activities can’t be festive?! This Easter Egg Launcher game will become a new favorite – and one your kids want to play over and over again!
  • This Magnetic Easter Egg Hunt is quick and easy to set up and provides tons of fun for your little ones! Plus, once they open up a bunch of the eggs they find with their magnet, they can learn to sort the items that are inside.
  • Kids will love mix and matching their very own bouquets of flowers when they help you make these fun Easter Egg Flower Bouquets! Simple, fun and a great spring time activity for kids.
  • This Shaving Cream Easter Egg Sensory Bin may look messy, but it’s SO quick to put together and an activity that the little kids will love to play with.

This is uch a fun and easy easter crafts to make  Super cute bunny mason jar craft  Peeps Play dough - such a fun, easy-to-make edible playdough recipe that makes a fun easter activity for toddlers, preschoolers, pre k, kindergarteners, first graders and more. Such a fun play recipe for Easter in April. #peeps #easteractivity #easterplaydough #playdoughrecipes #preschool

Easter Arts and Crafts

Looking for some cute and clever¬†easter crafts? You will love these fun ideas! Plus don’t miss Over 50 Creative Ideas To Fill Easter Eggs , our cute bunny pancakes, or our traditional bunny cake.

FREE Easter Bingo - super cute free printable easter game that helps kids learn the true story of Easter and Jesus, work on visual discrimination, and as a fun easter activity for toddlers, preschoolers, pre k, kindergartners, first graders, 2nd graders, 3rd grders, and 4th graders. #easterprintable #eastergames #sundayschool #preschool #kindergarten suerp cute easter craft that you make by coloring by number Printable Bunny ears template Easter Egg Activity working on visual discrimination

Free Easter Printables

These fun activities use our free easter printables to save you on prep work!

FREE Easter Worksheets for Toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. trace the easter themed picture and trace alphabet letters to strengthen fine motor skills and cordination with this easter activity for kids #easterprintable #eastertracing #easterworksheets #preschool #toddlers  easter worksheet preschoolFREE Color by Number Easter Worksheets - super cute free printable to help toddlers, preschool, pre k, and kindergarten age students work on number recognition and srengthening fine motor skills with a fun easter activity for april #preschool #easterworksheet #easterprintable #prek easter activities for preschoolers

Easter Worksheets

Looking for free Easter worksheets or educational¬†easter activities? Check out these resources and don’t miss our Easter Lesson Plan for Preschool or our Easter Books for PReschoolers

free-easter-parts-of-speech-practice Easter word family worksheets easter color by number hundreds chart

Make learning fun by adding one of these engaging easter activity ideas to your Easter Theme

floating egg experiment egg in a bottle Have you heard of the egg drop challenge? My daughter has been begging to do it for months. I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner. Well, I do. I thought it was going to make a giant mess that I would end up cleaning up but I was totally wrong. It was basically no mess at all. I will even say this Egg Drop Challenge was so much fun! Try this egg drop project with preschool, pre k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade students for a fun, hands-on science project for kids. jelly bean stem activity

Easter Science Experiments

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