I SPY Name Ornament for Kids

Thursday, December 7, 2017

I SPY Name Ornament for Kids

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Here's a fun way to work on name recognition with your child this Christmas season!  Create a one-of -a- kind I SPY Name Ornament! Your child will enjoy not only searching for this special ornament, but also trying to find the letters of his/her name inside the ornament!  Toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary kids will all love this special ornament.

I Spy Name Recognition Ornament for Kids - Super cute and fun to make Christmas ornament kids can make!  This is a super cute Christmas ornaments that are homemade and diy kids that makes a fun Christmas activity for kids, name recognition activity, and cute Christmas decoration for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, first grade.

Homemade Ornaments

Putting the ornaments on the tree with little ones is always challenging.  My favorite part of a rather stressful event is remembering where we bought or who gave us each ornament.  We have ornaments from past vacations, ornaments celebrating each of our babies 1st Christmas', and then we have a slew of hand-made ornaments that I have kept over the years.

Another ornament to add to the tree is a fun way to help your child learn and recognize the letters in his/her name.  And if you have older ones, the ornament turns into a fun game of I SPY!

Christmas Ornament Kids Can Make

name recognition ornament

This I SPY Name Recognition Ornament can either be put together by you (the parent/ caregiver), by the child, or both!  It'll be a lovely afternoon of sneaking in letter recognition with a festive Christmas flair.

Set out the supplies and encourage your child to sort through the beads to find the letters in his/her name.

If the child needs extra help, write the child's name on the ornament with a sharpie or fun glitter marker first so the the child knows what letters to collect.

diy kids ornament, christmas activity for kids

Fill the ornament with some fake snow and the beads that spell out the child's name.  

For extra fun, find some little trinkets to add into the snowy ornament bulb, too.

Put the ornament bulb cap back on and give it a little shake to mix up the ornaments in the snow.

plastic ornament, fake snow, letter bead, sharpie

For the I SPY Challenge, see if your child can find all the letters that spell out his/her name in the snow filled ornament!

Can he/she find the letters in the correct order?
Who can spell out their name first?

Enjoy this festive way to learn the letters in one's name and have some Christmas fun, too!

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