Christmas Story Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Christmas Story Scavenger Hunt for Kids

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This is a fun Christmas activity for kids where they not only get to go on a bow scavenger hunt, but they will be reminded of the real meaning of Christmas by putting the story of Jesus’ birth back in order.
Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids - Love this activity to help kids remember the real reason for Christmas from Luke 2. Includes ideas for preschool age and kids who can read well

Ever since I saw the Christmas Flashlight Scavenger Hunt from Hands on As We Grow I knew we wanted to do something similar.

Since our kids are a little older and I was looking for a fun kids activities to help them focus back on why we celebrate Christmas, we did our scavenger hunt a little differently.

Christmas Bible Scavenger Hunt

This activity is a really fun way for kids to celebrate Christmas while helping them to focus on the real reason for Christmas – Jesus’ birthday. It is super simple to prepare and set-up!

The Christmas Story Scavenger Hunt

There are two ways to do this Christmas Story Scavenger Hunt:
  1. Luke 2 printable strips – Print the 2 pages and cut apart the 24 strips each containing a part of the Christmas story straight from the Bible. This is best for kids who are comfortable reading (1st grade on up)
  2. Christmas Story Picture Strips - (see below for printable) – Print and cut apart the strips each containing a pictoral representation of a part of the Christmas Story.

Luke 2 Christmas Activity for Kids

Now weave each clue (strip of paper) in and around a bow. Repeat with the remaining strips of paper using a new bow each time.

Christmas bow scavenger hunt kids activity

Now hide the bows all around your house. I used the sticky part on the back to stick them to walls and furniture – just remember to hold for about 5 seconds to make sure it really sticks. (in my experience, there was no damage from the sticky part on the furniture)

Have your kids hunt for all the Christmas bows.

We had 4 kids searching for 24 bows, so we told them each to find 6. You could always hide a certain color bow in easier locations for younger children while making a different color more challenging for older kids.

Now have the kids pull out their strips of paper to put the Christmas Story back in order.

Meaningful Christmas Fun for Christian Families

Craft and Pray for the World

If you are looking for a meaningful way to spend the month of December focused on Jesus’ birth and what it means for the salvation of the world you are going to want to get Craft & Pray Around the World!

You will learn about 24 countries around the world including their Christmas traditions, how to practically pray for the people, and a simple ornament craft to represent the country you focused on.

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