Learning with Netflix for Preschool and Kindergarten

Monday, January 19, 2015

Learning with Netflix for Preschool and Kindergarten

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Here are some ways for kids to learn using Netflix online video streaming! Perfect for Homeschool and parents.
Learning with Netflix for Preschool and Kindergarten children. A great list for homeschool parents!

Do you have young children? 

If so you probably struggle with finding educational shows and “entertaining them” while you try to “do homeschool” with older kids.

We don’t watch the TV in our house, we watch Mom’s ipad! 

I feel like choosing the shows my kids watch not only gives me more control over the content than just “seeing what’s on”, but it also allows me to bypass commercials. Sure I know PBS says they are commercial free, but there are still sponsors that shows up and when they go to raise money the scheduling is all off and they keep pushing if you donate you get tickets to a show (a show I may not want my kids to talk with me about from now until the end of time, you know what I mean!)

So if I decide they need some “quiet” time or to be educational entertained while I am teaching the older kids in homeschool, I intentionally pick what shows they get to watch…..and Netflix is our go to streaming source!

The shows Netflix streams are changed and updated frequently. But you can always find our favorites:
  • Curious George (teaching math & science principles)
  • Leap Frog educational videos (my go to for some great phonics, numbers, and letter reinforcement)
  • Clifford (my youngest latest craze)
  • Disney movies (for family movie night once a week)
  • and more!
You’ll also want to see this list of even more fantastic shows for young children Learning with Netflix: Preschool & Kindergarten by a Diligent Heart.

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