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TREE Theme

Study trees this week with fun and educational Tree Theme! Just pick your favorite books, select a couple of educational activities, and enjoy a full week of studies.

 TREE Theme - tons of fun, clever, and free math and literacy activities for elementary age kids to learn all week long. #themes #arborday #trees

Tree Theme

Books to Read

Choose between these two options for using books in your Tree theme:

  • Read a different book each day of the week, Monday through Friday.
  • Or read your favorite book (s) each of the week. Don’t worry about boring your kids as they love repetition so don’t worry about boring them!

Choose one or all of these 5 excellent books to study with your kids:



Day 1- Language Arts Activities

Start your unit study with this free Arbor Day Learning Pack!


Day 2 – Math Activities

Start your math day with this apple tree counting activity for preschoolers!


Day 3 – Art or Craft Projects

Grandparents will love this family fingerprint tree keepsake!

Don’t forget to make these apple tree bubble wrap prints!


Day 4 – Science Activities

Start your science day by exploring forests on a nature walk!

Challenge your older kids to make a neighborhood tree guide!


Day 5 – Social Studies and Fun!

Don’t forget to plant a tree in April for Arbor Day!

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