All About Whales & Dolphins

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Children will be fascinated to learn about the largest animal on earth! Whales have a tongue that weighs more than most cars, a heart as big as a Volkswagen Beetle, and they spend most of their life in parts of the ocean no person can ever see.

This 35+ page unit on whales is adaptable for K-8th grade students. There is NO PREP on your part. Just read from your laptop or print the pages and you are ready to learn!

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  • Engaging information for kids in black and white (to save you on printer costs) and include super cute images to help you visualize what we are talking about and keep kids engaged. Your younger students will have fun coloring in the whale clipart as they go along.
  • Science Experiments
  • Types of Whales Flashcards (full color)
  • Whale Communication Flashcards (full color)
  • Compare and Contrast the two types of whales using a Venn Diagram
  • Cut & paste the 8 discussed types of whales by the type of whale they are: baleen or toothed
  • Whale Test – there is a test to discern what your child has learned in this lesson. (don’t worry, the answer key is included!)
  • Whale True or False – read the statements and have children right a T for true or a F if the fact is false
  • Label the parts of a Toothed Whale
  • Label the parts of Baleen Whales Anatomy
  • Whale Watching – match the whale picture to the type of what it is (available in color or black & white)
  • Whale Text Detective – have your student read the text and then answer the questions. They will find the evidence in the text and color the text proof for their answer with the color indicated
  • Help students work on organizing their writing with this template for organizing 3 main ideas and their details
  • All about Whales form – students can write a story or a report form with this cute whale themed ruled paper
  • Wonderful Whales – fun writing prompt for kids to write down facts that they’ve learned, things that amazed them, and draw a picture of a whale move they liked

2 reviews for All About Whales & Dolphins

  1. Kathy

    My children both loved this. In fact they would ask if we could work on this unit during their free time because they were enjoying it. I even learned somethings I did not know. We are now going to do “The Oceans” next. Highly recommend!

    • Beth Gorden

      Thanks for sharing with us! It makes me so happy to hear kids are excited about learning and we can help =)

  2. Lisa

    This is a great packet! I love how much information and activities came in it. Beth was very helpful when I was having trouble downloading it. Would definitely shop here again.

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