All About Herps


Think you already know about sea snakes, frogs, toads, salamanders, and sea turtles for kids? Have you heard of a toad whose eggs embed in the females’ back, even after hatching, until they emerge as tadpoles? Did you know the sea turtles only come out of the water to lay their eggs on the same beach they themselves were hatched? Did you know the green sea turtle doesn’t have a green shell, but rather green fat? Wondering if the extremely venomous water snakes are in the ocean near you?

This 44 page printable science lesson for K-8th grade will take you on a fascinating journey as you learn about sea turtles, sea snakes, aquatic frogs, marine toads, and salamander.

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All the pages except for the flashcards are in black and white to save you on printing costs. You can read the material on your laptop, desktop or phone if you want to save even more printing and paper costs. We like to print the pages and the kids color the cute blackline pictures as we learn about these unique and amazing animals that live in the water.

Included on the pages are instructions for a simple science experiment that will help kids understand life for sea turtles, frogs, and other herps. Doing hands on activities make things so much more memorable so they retain the information better.

  • Sea Turtle Life Cycle to color, study, learn, or hang as a poster
  • Sequence the Sea Turtle Life Cycle
  • Label the Sea turtle
  • Fill in the life cycle of a sea turtle
  • Sea Turtle True or False
  • Text Detective – read passage and teach kids to look for context clues with these clever color the clue reading skills for comprehension pages
  • Wonderful Herps Report Form template
  • Compare & Contrast Amphibians and Reptiles using Venn Diagram
  • Frog Life Cycle to color, study, learn, or hang as a poster
  • Sequence the Frog Life Cycle (learning about tadpoles)
  • Frog Anatomy
  • Label the Tadpole
  • Compare & Contrast Frogs & Toads using this cute Venn Diagram
  • What have you learned about Herps Test
  • Planning your report template
  • All About Turtles report form (or use it to for creative writing)
  • All About Frogs (ruled paper for writing research project, report, or creative writing.
  • Amphibian Writing Prompt
  • super cute all about frogs and sea turtle coloring pages
  • Printable frog craft
  • Printable sea turtle craft


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