All About Fish, Sharks, and Rays

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How much to you know about the 28,000 species of fish in the world? Did you know that sharks and rays are a type of fish? Have you ever seen a mermaid’s purse – an egg case for some shark species? Did you know some camouflage fish like a flounder have both eyes on the same side of their body? Think you know how many teeth a shark looses and grows back over it’s life span…. it’s 30,000! Did you know that manta rays fly above the ocean? Get ready to be astonished with this printable science lesson where you will explore all about fish for kids K-8th grade.

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In this 43 page pack, students will learn lots of interesting facts in easy-to-read text with cute clipart to keep kids engaged. All the pages in this fish for kids, except for the flashcards, are in black and white to save you on printing costs. You can read the material on your laptop, desktop or phone if you want to save even more printing and paper costs. We like to print the pages and the kids color the cute blackline pictures as we learn about these unique and amazing animals that live in the water.

The printable color flashcards include a set for fish shapes, fish defenses, colorful fish, super cool sharks, and amazing rays. Use these beautiful cards to remember what you’ve learned, save them to explore later, or use them to take notes on the back.

Included on the pages are instructions for a simple science experiment that will help kids understand the swim bladder and buoyancy for these amazing aquatic animals. Doing hands on activities make things so much more memorable so they retain the information better.

  • What is a Fish poster to color
  • Brown Banded Bamboo Shark Life Cycle to read, color, and learn
  • Sequence the Salmon Life Cycle page
  • Label the Parts of  Fish Anatomy (pelvic fin, dorsal fin, scales, anal fin, eye, operculum, pectoral fin, cloudal fin, mouth, lateral line0
  • Label the Parts of a Shark Anatomy (dorsal fin, eye, gill slits, caudal fin, pectoral fin, mouth, ampullae of lorenzini, lateral lines, nare)
  • Sequence the Whale Shark Life Cycle
  • Ray & Sharks Coloring Page
  • Fish Coloring Page
  • Shark Fact or Opinion
  • Compare bony fish and cartilaginous fish using the Venn Diagram
  • Great White Shark Text Detective
  • Clown Fish and Anemone Text Detective
  • Fish Test (with answer key) – includes match the key word / vocabulary and short answers.
  • What I know About Fish – with different sections that include suggestions of what to write down
  • All About Sharks – create a cute mini book with prompts for writing what you’ve learned about sharks on each page
  • Fantastic Fish – with several spots to add information and cute fish clipart decorations to color with crayons, markers, or colored pencils
  • Organizing Writing
  • All About Fish – ruled lines with cute fish image
  • All About Sharks – ruled lines with grinning shark image
  • fish life cycle spinner
  • adorable printable shark craft

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  1. Venita Lazarus

    great source of information

  2. Theresa

    Great source of information for my class! Thank you!

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