Interactive Books for the Preschool Crowd

Here are some great recommendations of integrative books that toddlers and preschoolers will love to touch, wiggle, and interact with. These just might become your child’s new favorite book!
book recomendarions

Looking for some fun interactive books for your Preschool Kids? Here are some of our favorites!! Unfortunately, most libraries don’t tend to have these – I guess they get to warn out. But check them out & if you’d like to own them click on the picture to buy through Amazon!

“Tails furry, Tails spiny,Tails rainbow-hued and shiny!” Tails
This book is fun to read, had fun lift the flap, pull tabs, scratch & sniff, soft things to touch, and more. We got this book at a baby shower & it has been a treasured addition to our collection ever since. We read it so much that we actually bought a second copy for our 3rd child! Ages 1-5

“Smash! Crash! Wrecker’s rumbling.New building’s coming…old wall’s crumbling.” Big Dig
This book was a HUGE hit with our boy! As you open each new page a large construction vehicle ‘moves’ as you move the page. It is fun to look at, rhymes nicely to read, and is a great introduction to construction vehicles. Ages 1-5

” I see a monster, hairy and red.

Where is he hiding? Under the bed!” I See a Monster
What’s not to like about a gentle, fun, lift the flap & touch & feel book about monsters! This book is not only fun to read, but reinforces colors and concepts like (under, inside, behind). My 6 year old still likes this book! Ages 1-5

“It’s morning down on the farm, the start of a busy day. All machines are working hard, except one that’s lost its way.”
Diggers don’t fish in the Sea is a very fun book to read! Each page has 6 slides that reveal a different type of truck/vehicle. There is a story and then kids can point out the vehicle that doesn’t belong. Like a trawler doesn’t belong on a farm!  My kids “read” this book to themselves for hours! Ages 1-5

Ten Little Ladybugs is another one of our favorites we’ve read a lot! This book is fun because the ladybugs are fun to touch as you read through the book and count from 1 to 10. We actually own this in Spanish. Ages 1-5

“Little chick what makes a rainbow? asked Little Rabbit. YELLOW said little chick, fluffing her soft YELLOW fuzz.You need YELLOW to make a rainbow.” What Makes a Rainbow
This is a precious book. I love how it is written. This book has ribbons at the top; as you turn each page a new colored ribbon is added until at the end you have a whole rainbow! what a beautiful introduction to colors and rainbows. Sure to be a favorite in you house too! Ages 1-6

“Where is the scaly fish? Is she behind the boat?” Bathtime Peekaboo!
This is a cute little book. I love all the picture of babies throughout! It has lift the flap & textures to touch & explore. The flaps are very sturdy – great for even the littlest readers! Ages 1-4

“Pygmy Seahorse tells the friends, ‘Now we can end our quest! For look in here – bright emeralds are glinting in a chest!’ But it’s a turtle family, who’ve stopped to take a rest.” The Undersea Treasure Hunt
This beautiful book is fun to read, has lovely illustrations, introduced a lot of of animals found in the sea, and has fun flaps too! The flaps have small openings so the kids can try to guess what is behind it.  Ages 2-6

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty had a great fall.” Nursery Rhymes
I love this beautiful collection of Nursery Rhymes. The pages are textured with the details like stitches, music notes, and whiskers. There are simple illustrations that are sure to please. And nursery rhymes are great for early literacy skills! Ages 2-6

I love this Busy Bible book! it has lots of activities for your kids to do centered around 12 Bible stories. This is great for kids to take to church & ‘play with’ while they sit quietly in church. There are animals in Noah’s ark, , Flaps over the globe showing the 7 days of creation, practice with buttons putting on Joseph’s coat, pull over Ruth’s velcrod grain, zip Jonah in/out of the great fish, snap off fish and put in Peter’s net, and more. These are quality and very well made.

Any new favorites here?

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