April 2, 2019
How to Get MORE Disney Fastpass

How to Get MORE Disney Fastpass


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If you are disappointed that Disney’s old Fastpass system is gone because you can only get 3 Fastpass pluses, don’t be! You can now get most more fastpass + and here is How to Get MORE Disney Fastpass
How to Get MORE Disney Fastpass (like 15+) #disney #magickingdom #disneyvacations

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What’s the Deal with Disney Fastpass +

When Disney decided to discontinue their old Fastpass system to replace it with Fastpass + I had mixed feelings. I love that I can book my Fastpass+ up to 60 days before my visit from the comfort of my computer instead of running around the park getting paper tickets.  However, I was seriously bummed that you get to pick only 3 Fastpass + attractions ahead of time.  And only one “major” attraction at that! We had the old system down to where we could get 15 or more Fastpasses a day!

Now for the Disney updated……
Disney listened to guest feedback and you can now get more than 3 Fastpass+ at more than one park too!

How to Get MORE Disney Fastpass [like 15 or more!]

Step 1   Pick 3 attractions (all at the same park) from the convenience of your computer up to 60 days before your visit for resort guests and 30 days ahead for all other guests. [here is how to do that]
Step 2    Use all 3 of your pre selected Fastpass +
Step 3    Get more Fastpass +, one at a time, in any park, on the app or a convenient Fastpass+ Kiosks located throughout the park.
Step 4    Continue getting more Fastpass+ each and every time you use up your existing Fastpass as long as there is availability.

So Can you REALLY get 15 or more Fastpass+? Yes!!

So, does it work?


We recently took a trip to Disney and tried it out.  Not only where we able to get 15 Fastpass+ in one day at the Magic Kingdom, we were able to get them very quickly one after the other.

Here is how it worked for us: After we rode Peter Pan [using up our final Fastpass+ we reserved online] we went to the Fastpass+ Kiosk outside of Mickey’s Philharmagic a mere 15 feet away. I scanned my magic band and was able to make new fastpass+ selections for everyone in our party. I picked Buzz Light Year which had a window just 15 minutes from now. By the time we walked over there we walked right up to the Fastpass lane and right on the attraction. We finished riding Buzz Light Year and went to the convinient Fastpass+ Kiosk outside Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor just 10 feet away. I selected Winnie the Pooh. The window was just 5 minutes from then. Again, by the time we walked to the ride we literally walked right on the ride. Love this!!

Now I am not promising it will work out that easily each and every time you use it. During peak times and as more and more guests take advantage of getting more fastpass+ I am sure availability will go down. And good luck even getting an original Fastpass+ to Frozen let alone one later in the day! But this system works!


So Which Fastapass + Should I Get?

Now that you know how to get a slew of Fastpasses…. which Fastpass should I pick? Here are the best rides to pick for your Fastpass +  Plus, here is some more advice for making the most out of the Fastpass + system at Disney World.

  • Unless you are quick with reserving your Fastpass, some of your planning will depend on what passes you can snag
  • If you reserve a Fastpass for an evening attraction like parades or fireworks, you wont be able to reserve more Fastpass + until you use those initial 3 passes… and by that point all the remaining passes will be gone
  • The parks are most crowded from 12-3pm. If you are staying at the park about a week I highly suggest you take a break and swim at your hotel during this hot, crowded time. But if you are here for only a couple days…. you may want to plan to use passes during that window.
  • The best attractions will not have additional passes available! For example Dwarf Mine Roller Coaster passes will be gone around 15-30 days before you visit. Don’t plan on snagging any more of those attractions.
  • The rides you tend to get more passes for are like Buzz Lightyear. They will certainly save you time and put a little hop in your step as you skip the 10-30 minute line. But just know you wont be snagging major attraction fastpasses late in the day.


In Conclusion

The tweaked Fastpass+ System allows you the flexibility and convenience of reserving attractions online, including things like parades which were not available before, while still offering guests the ability to utilize the system to the fullest for those that want to do so.

In my humble opinion, Disney has got the ultimate convenient guest planning tool that will make guests VERY happy!

How many Fastpass+ have you gotten in one day?


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  1. Megan H Avatar
    Megan H

    We just got back from Disney, and on the last day we decided to book one more park day and explore Animal Kingdom. (So we obviously didn’t get our fast passes for that day until we got there.) Somehow, I was able to get a same day fast pass+ for Na’vi River Journey for an hour later. I was so shocked! The wait was 130 minutes when we walked up for our FP+… We were so happy!

    1. Beth Gorden Avatar

      That’s WONDERFUL! So glad you had a good time!