April 2, 2019
BEST Rides to Pick for Disney Fastpass+

BEST Rides to Pick for Disney Fastpass+


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With the introduction of Disney MagicBands have come Fastpass+. Fastpass Plus replaced Fastpasses in Disney World in 2014. There are some advantages of Fastpass+ as well as some major drawbacks which you will want to know about. And most importantly, the best rides to choose for your Disney Fastpass+ – you only get 3!
best fastpass+ rides to choose at magic kingdom - Fastpass Plus

Post updated January 2019

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What is Disney Fastpass+

Fastpass+ is the new way Disney World is doing fastpasses since 2014.  Fastpass+ are tied in with  Disney MagicBands for resort guests or with daily ticket numbers for everyon

MagicBand Fastpass+ Help

e else.

Basically, Disney has concluded guests have a more positive experience when they use Fastpasses. To allow more guests to have that positive experience they are giving out fewer Fastpasses per person.

Fastpass+ ties in with Disney’s new MagicBand technology allowing guests to customize their vacation from home, tweak it on the go through a mobile ap, and control it all from the convenience of a bracelet. Pretty nifty technology!

Like before, guests will have a 1 hour window in which to use their Fastpass+. However, guests can reserve their Fastpass+ onilne up to 60 days before their trip, through the Disney App or at one of kiosks located throughout the parks.  There are some great new rides and attractions that have been added as part of the program.

Note: The good Fastpass+ go fast so make sure to reserve yours online 60 days out for resort guests and 30 days out for eveyrone else.

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Disney Fastpass+ Includes shows! Main Street Electrical Parade seen from VIP Fastpass+ Resrved Area

Advantage of Disney Fastpass+

  • You don’t need a runner any more! No one will need to run around the park throughout your day trying to grab fastpasses for future times for your group.
  • Additional Rides Included! There are additional rides included such as Pirates of the Caribbean®, Haunted Mansion®, and “it’s a small world”®
  • Bring on the Shows! You can now get special reserved viewing locations for various shows through the day including the Main Street Electrical Parade
  • Plan your Day Better – You can plan out your Fastpass+ around your dining reservations, arrival time, and more.
  • You can Sleep in & still get to Toy Story Mania! – Previously if you didn’t get to the park to grab a fastpass to favorite attractions such as Toy Story Mania they would all be gone by 10am. That meant that guests just arriving at Disney or who choose to sleep in wouldn’t get a chance to snag Fastpasses. Now, all guetss have a chance to grab Fastpasses no matter if they are early birds or night owls.
  • No carrying around dozens of Fastpasses! – I always ended up carrying dozens of Fastpass tickets. It bulked up my pockets and was one more thing to keep track of. Now, with the Magicband technology there is no more paper to clutter your vacation.

Disadvantages of Disney's Fastpass+

What you Won’t Like about Fastpass Plus

  • You will end up getting WAY fewer fastpasses! To start with, you will only be able to reserve three Fastpass+ a day — that barely covers the top 3 attractions in each of the parks. That means more waiting time. And if you use your fastpass+ for shows or rides in the morning, you might as well leave in the afternoon! Those of us who used runners and knew how to plan our day could get 10-15 fastpasses a day. [Here is how to still get 15+ Fastpass+ a day]
  • You can only get a Fastpass+ for a ride ONCE! If you think you are just going to save all your Fastpass+ for Toy Story Mania? Sorry, no such luck. You can only pick a Fastpass+ for a ride once per day.
  • You can only pick 1 BIG attraction –   To make sure everyone can get into one of the big attractions, you can only get a fastpass+ for one of the major attractions. So pick between soarin, test track or Frozen at Epcot.
  • Disney Ap can be SLOW! Depending on your carrier, changing your time or attraction can be very slow through Disney’s app. The initial Fastpass+ website has been streamlined and is much more intuitive and quick – YEAH!
  • You have to plan – Disney was never a relaxing vacation……. but for those who like to just take the day as it comes, that just isn’t possible with the Fastpass+ You snooze you loose!


BEST Rides to Pick for Disney Fastpass+

While it would be nice to get a Fastpass Plus for every ride, that is no longer possible. With only 3 Fastpass+ a day (unless you pick them for early in the day and are able to snag another less desirable Fastpass+ later) you will need to be very discerning as far as what rides or shows you pick. These things are a BIG commodity!
Fastpass+ highly recommended for Meeting Ariel in her Grotto

Highly Recommend Getting Fastpass+ for Magic Kingdom

In no particular order, here are the 5 rides, attractions, and shows you really should get Fastpass Plus’ for while you are at Magic Kingdom of your family would enjoy the attraction.

  • Seven Dwarf Mine – This is the newest ride at Magic Kingdom and has lines to show for it. Lines are consistently over an hour all day long. Although the interactive que is fun to wait it a little.
  • Peter Pan’s Flight® No surprise on this one, the classic Peter Pan ride is still a favorite with guests. You will wait more than an hour during the day to ride this attraction. Unless you can ride it in the first 15 minutes the park opens, you will want a Fastpass+. This ride will even have a 40 minutes wait up until closing time! And it is that good!
  • Enchanted Tales with Belle – If you want to see this interactive show (and everyone with kids 10 and under should at least once) you will want a Fastpass+. The wait for this show tops 60 minutes during most of the day!
  • Splash Mountain®Another favorite ride! Splash Mountain has it all – it is a 16 minute ride with elaborate animated theming and a thrilling plunge. This family favorite has an hour long+ ride throughout the day. For shorter waits try the first 40 minutes after the park opens or that last 35 minutes of the day. Note: They turn some of the spray down in the evening hours.
  • Meet Princess at Princess Fairytale HallIf you want to meet the Princesses at Magic Kingdom you will want a Fastpass+. Without it, even during magic hours, it has a long 60+ minutes wait. You can choose Cinderella & Rapunzel OR Elsa & Ana. To see all the other princesses I recommend having the princess breakfast at Askerhaus in Epcot where you see 5 Princesses from the convenience of your breakfast table.

Disney Fastpass+ recommended for Pirates of the Caribbean

Other recommend Fastpass+  . . .

  • Pirates of the Caribbean® – There is now a Fastpass+ option for Pirates of the Caribbean. This classic ride seems to be in high demand especially in the afternoon. Although you won’t mind waiting 40 minutes in the cool indoor lines, you may want to bypass the lines by using the Fastpass+ option for this ride if you are planning to ride it in the afternoon. Note that this ride tends to be about 10 minutes long even using the Fastpass+, but still a worthwhile time saver if you are here multiple days.
  • Haunted Mansion® – You can visit the happy haunts first or last thing in your day and wait less than 15 minutes. But if you’d prefer to not wind around in the outdoor heat you can skip the lines with a Fastpass+. You will however miss visiting the cemetery where we enjoy playing the Organ, pushing in the books, and other fun elements from the interactive queue.
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad® – If you ride this first thing or after dinner you can often spend less than 20 minutes in line. But if that doesn’t work in your plans you may consider using a Fastpass+. This is my kids favorite roller coaster at Disney World – with fun theming and a thrilling ride this is a don’t miss for anyone who meets the height and health requirements.

Fastpass Plus recommended for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom

  • Jungle Cruise® – This classic ride often has quite a long line throughout the day. On top of that, the lines is all outdoors in a cattle corral style without much theming to distract you from your wait. Although ride isn’t a priority for our family, for the one time we ride it during our vacation – we like to skip the wait!
  • Space Mountain® – This ride doesn’t seem to be as popular after the renovations from a couple years back. Personally I find it too jerky. If this is a favorite of yours you may want to consider riding it first thing or after dinner to spend about 20 minutes in line. You can always opt for a Fastpass+ if you’d prefer.
  • Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid – Although the line for this newer ride does get upwards of 45 minutes, the line itself is cool and beautifully created. Your kids will love spotting the blue crab in the decorations and listen to Scuttle talk while you wait in the cool air conditioning. Like most rides, riding first or last thing will keep your wait at a more reasonable 15 minutes.
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin® – This is my son’s favorite ride! We love to do this just before the park closes and ride it again and again when the wait is at 5 minutes! But if you need to ride it from lunch through the afternoon hours, the wait can top 45 minutes. Consider using a Fastpass+ for this short, but action packed, 3 minute ride.
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – This delightful ride through the Blustery Day is a must for families. The line can quite long, although you can usually see it first thing or last thing in the day with only a 15-20 minute wait. This line is fun because it has an interactive queue – your kids can climb through Eeyore’s House, play in Rabbit’s garden, fly bees, and move the honey to find the picture of Winnie the Pooh. Maybe even a 35 minutes wait wouldn’t be so bad . . . .
  • Main Street Electrical Parade  – I love that the new Fastpass+ offers VIP areas for guests. You will be allowed access into a special roped off section at the front of main street.. It offers unbeatable views of the Parade with the castle as a backdrop. Just stunning.

No need to waste a fastpass+ on Dumbo the Flying Elephant - kids will want to play in the new circus play area while they wait!

Not Worth wasting a Fastpass+ on …..

  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant® (with the addition of a 2nd Dumbo we found there to rarely be more than a 15 minute wait. My kids actually wanted to wait to get a chance to play in the Circus themed play tunnels.)
  • “it’s a small world”® – This ride rarely has over a 15-30 minutes wait. If the line is long, it is probably due to technical difficulties. See another ride & come back later to the happiest cruise that ever sailed. This charming, colorful ride is a favorite with the young & young at heart guests.
  • Mickey’s PhilharMagic® – This is a don’t miss show in my book. It is a beautifully done 3D movie with effects. But we’ve never waited more than 15 minutes – it’s a large theatre.
  • Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor® – This fun comedy show is a great way to get out of the heat. I’ve never seen a wait of more than 15 minutes. So don’t miss it, but don’t waste a Fastpass either!
  • The Magic Carpets of Aladdin – This fun ride seldom has a wait longer than 30 minutes no matter when you visit. It is a Dumbo style ride, but allows for guests to ride 4-5 per carpet with a control in the front and the back. This is a nice attraction especially at night during the picturesque lighting.

Don't waste a Fastpass+ on The magic Carpets of Aladdin, the wait is seldom over 30 minutes!

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