Honestly too good to be true!

Honestly too good to be true! 

Almost a year ago I discovered The Honest Company.  Right away I was impressed by having so many non-toxic, safe toiletries, household supplies, and baby care items  so easily accessible. Now, a year later I can honestly say (no pun intended) I still use all their products and LOVE them!

Why do you need to buy special toiletries for your family?

You may be surprised to learn (I know I was) that all the shampoo, sunscreen, deodorant, toothpaste, laundry detergent and more that I was buying at our local Target was actually unsafe for my kids. Don’t believe me – take  a peak at the Environmental Working Group (an independent company that rates consumer products). Yikes! I am trying to get them clean, not expose them to harmful chemicals that will affect their future!

I was thrilled to be able to switch out my Neutrogena kid sunscreen (rated a hazardous 7) to Honest Sunscreen at a 1!

Sure there are other places to get safe toiletries, but I use to spend so much time tracking them all down and buying them separately. Now, I go one place {The Honest Company} to get all our families needs – and they even ship it to my door!

The Honest Company has an exceptional product

First, This is not a sponsored post. I am just a very happy customer who is impressed by a superior product and wants all families out there to know about it.

Our family has come to rely on them for all our household products! I am confident in the products, the unparalleled safety, the convenience, and the beauty that is put into each bottle and natural scent. I love how they take care to make their products in a way that is safe for he environment and how with each sale they give back to families in need! This is truly a company I am proud to stand behind!

Top 5 Honest Company Products You Need to Try

#1 – Honest Laundry Detergent or Laundry Pods

Honest Company Laundry Detergent Review

#2 – Honest {Improved} Sunscreen

Their sunscreen goes on smooth, not cakey like many natural ones. It also does not go on white!  It does a great job even on our toughest trials!

#3 – Honest Shampoo & Conditioning Mist

Honest Company Shampoo

Okay I know I just snuck in two here, but they go together for me. The shampoo is not 33% larger so it will actually last you an entire month. It does a fantastic job of cleaning, lathering, rinsing out completely, and leaving a nice pleasant smell.

The conditioning mist is a lifesaver at our house. I’ve got two girls with long beautiful hair and it gets (ahem) tangly – ALL THE TIME! This leave in spray helps me to easily comb through it without the tears. 

#4 – Honest Soap (bar & liquid)

Honest Company Soap

The soap does a fantastic job of getting things clean (even makeup) without over drying.

My father-in-law was visiting us a couple months ago and forgot shaving cream. He decided to just use our Honest soap. The rest of the  trip he raved about how close a shave and smooth it left his skin – and he is 75! 

Now that they’ve introduced the bar soap – I love using that in the shower.  They have three different scents – our family loves the tangerine vanilla.

#5 – Honest Diapers

Honest Company Diaper Review

If you have a baby and want more convenience than cloth diapers you are going to love their diapers. These do not contain chlorine or additives like conventional diapers. But they still absorb amazingly well (even at night) and come in a variety of cute designs.

So what are you waiting for? You’re going to love The Honest Company!

What’s your favorite Honest Product? 

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