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FREE Christmas Ten Frame Task Cards

Adding and Subtracting Within 5 is an important skill for Kindergartners to learn, and this fun Christmas Ten Frame Task Cards with with Gum Drops and Ten Frames is a fun way to teach this.

FREE Christmas Math using Ten Frame Task Cards - perfect for math centers to help preschool, kindergarten, first grade students practice addition and subtraction

Christmas Ten Frame Task Cards

I can’t believe that Christmas time is here. It is one of my favorite seasons. I love the excitement that Christmas holds, and it is always fun to add Christmas to your learning time.

One goal for kindergartners is that they be able to add within five. Before we can expect them to memorize these facts, we must provide them with hand on experience so they understand what adding is.

And that is what this activity does….and it has a fun Christmas theme.

adding and subtracting gum drop task cards

Prep Work –

  • First, Print off printables.
  • Next, cut them out and laminate.
  • Finally, gather up Gum Drops or Christmas Gingerbread Erasers

Now, comes the time for some fun learning.

Christmas math for preschool, kindergarten, first grade

Some children just get adding and subtracting. You can hand them the task cards, and they will know exactly what to do.

Others little ones need a little support. And here are a few ways you can help!

  1. For adding, provide them with two different colors of gum drops or two different erasers. Then have them look at the first numbers, and place that many down in the ten frame. Next, have them look at the second number, and use a different color to put that number in the ten frames. Finally, have them count the erasers or Gum Drops.
  2. Subtraction, of course, is a little different. Just like addition, the children use the first number to figure out how many Gum Drops to place in the ten frame. Now, things are a little different. The children use the second number and take that many gum drops away. They finish up, by counting the Gum Drops that are left.
If you would like more Gum Drop Math Activites you can get them here.
Christmas math centers to make practicing addition and subtracting fun

Once children have a good understanding of how to add and subtract it is important to give them multiple opportunities to practice their new skill.

I’m a big component of games. When we hand out a worksheet our goal is to have children practice a certain skill over and over.. Most worksheets aren’t a lot of fun for children. But we can have children practice skills by putting out a game. The children are having fun, and if we choose the game well, skills are being used repeatedly.

If you are looking for games to help children master adding and subtracting within five, you might want to try some of these.

FREE Christmas Math

Download Christmas Ten Frame Task Cards

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  • Hi Rachel,
    I just tried printing the Christmas ten frame and the background printed black.
    Hope to see a fix, as this activity is perfect for my little guys.
    Thanks, Sue

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