November 12, 2022
Christmas Presents Bath

Christmas Presents Bath


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My kids love taking baths! That may even be an understatement =-) We have the typical bath toys, bubble bath, and bath crayons/paint for the kids to play with. And although that is thoroughly entertaining, I have been inspired by all Growing a Jeweled Rose’s amazing themed baths! They look like so much FUN! So, being the intentional  Mama that I am, I wanted to make a fun themed bath for my three sweet kiddos!
Christmas Presents Bath

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Christmas Presents Bath

Our theme was Christmas Presents. I set the stage by adding a HUGE bow we had laying around and framed the bath with a string of tinsel – the kids thought it was SO cool!
Christmas Presents Bath
I tinted the water green with just a few drops of neon green food coloring (buy it at your local Wal-Mart for only $5.50) and added some bows to float in the water. Note: if you remove just the sticker part the bows will stick & restick (to walls, presents, and kids themselves) for about 20 minutes, even floating in the water. However the sticky part will eventually come off and float in your water. So make sure to put a hair catcher so you don’t clog your drains. You could also just remove the entire adhesive sticker and stable on a square of foam to still allow them to stick on the packages. You can get a bag of bows at after Christmas sales for about 49 cents!
Christmas Presents Bath
We used craft foam sheets (I got mine on Amazon) as the presents. I cut strips of craft foam sheets so the kids could move around the ribbon/package decorations along with the box. I tried to add some of various sizes and orientations – all within our green/blue/red color theme. Craft Foam Sheets will stick on their own when they get wet – pretty nifty, huh?!
The kids enjoyed their Christmas Presents bath for a LONG time! It was a HUGE hit in our house. They keep wondering when they can do it again . . . .


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