Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space

Christians Kids Explore is an engaging science curriculum with great information, hands on activities, worksheets and more. Come and take a peak.

Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space

Christian Kids Explore

Do you LOVE you science curriculum? We do!

Christian Kids Explore is our favorite science curriculum for so many reasons! Here are a few:

  • interesting, easy to read lessons
  • coloring pages, helpful charts, worksheets
  • hands on activities to make science come alive!
  • Christian perspective and worldview
  • Use with the whole family 1st-6th grade
  • Affordable! Only $39.95


Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space

In Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space you learn about:

  • Earth – revolving, core
  • Lithosphere – plate tectonics, caves, volcanoes, earthquakes, rock types
  • Hydrosphere – water, Hydrologic Cycle, oceans, groundwater, glaciers
  • Atmosphere – layers, pressure, humidity, air composition,
  • Weather – tropics, clouds, precipitation, thunderstorm, hurricanes
  • Outer Space – Sun, Moon, 7 Planets

Take a peak at what we’ve been learning in our homeschool science.

learninga bout volcanos in homeschool scinece with chrsitian kids explore earth and space

Lesson 5 is all about volcanoes. Learn about active, dormant, and extinct volcanoes with interesting texts, helpful illustrations, hands on experiments, and more.

Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space

After learning about the atmosphere we made a Homosphere Pie Chart in lesson15.


We are learning about weather including clouds, precipitation, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornados, and so much more.

We love how easy to read and understand the text is!

Next up . . . .

Speleothem science project

We are going to be making a Speleothem as we learn about caves.


Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space
You can take a peak at Christian Kids Explore Biology that we used last year.

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