Category - High School

How Big is a Raindrop Science Experiment

Have your kids ever wondered how big is a rain drop? Here is a really fun science experiment for older kids to use STEM to measure how big a raindrop is.   How big is a raindrop? This science...

Zipline Engineering Lesson

Making a zip line is a fun engineering task that will help your student apply physics at any level, from preschool, to elementary school, to middle school, and on through to high school!

Periodic Table Battleship

Help kids learn and review chemistry for kids with this fun science game for kids – Periodic Table Battleship.

Using Picture Books in Middle School and High School

Did you think your years of looking at picture books where over? Here is a fantastic idea for using fantastic picture books to teach about literary techniques (like allegory, alliteration, hyberbole...

Ancient Egyptians Art

If you are looking for an excellent, hands-on history project to go along with any curriculum, you are going to love Art in History!