A Few Good Books!

Some of our families absolute favorite preschool and kindergarten picture books for kids!

Our Families Favorite Picture Books! With so many books out there it can be really hard to find the BEST picture books for kids. Here is a list of our family favorite books - we own a copy of each and every one of these!

If you are anything like us, we are always looking for some good books to read! So whether you check these out from the library (put them on hold from the convenience of home to save some time) or order some here for your personal library, I hope you enjoy some of our favorite books!

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Picture Books Kids LOVE

The Pout Pout Fish

“I’m a pout-pout fish with a pout-pout face,
So I spread the dreary-wearies all over the place.”
This book became a quick favorite in our house and Minnie asked for it for Christmas last year! It has cute illustrations, catchy rhyme, and ends with the Pout Pout Fish spreading the cheery-cheeries all over the place! Great for 3-9 years olds

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

A told B and B told C,
I’ll meet you at the top of the coconut tree.”
This is a fun, playful book for the Preschool crowd to see, hear, and reinforce their letters. The simple illustrations with bright, bold colors will catch your kids attention.

Tubby the Tuba

“Up and around the scales they raced, helter-skelter, faster and faster – all but Tubby the Tuba, a fat little tuba, puffing away but oh so slow.
Don’t miss this one! It comes with a CD to listen to the story. The instrumentation is just beautiful. This fun book, starring Tubby the Tuba It is a great way to introduce your children to the instruments in an orchestra. My kids LOVE it! I would say it is good for 3-9 year olds (with fudge room either way)

Llama Llama Red Pajama

“Llama llama red pajama reads a story with his mama.”
We read this once & my son was hooked! Anna Dewdney not only writes the catchy, rhyming text, she also does the beautiful illustrations! There are several wonderful books in the series now: Llama Llama Home with Mama,
Llama Llama Misses Mama, Llama Llama Mad at Mama, and Llama Llama Holiday Drama. They revolve around llama llama and his mama & everyday situations that your own preschooler goes through. We love them & own them all! Ages 2-9

The Cat in the Hat

“We looked! Then we saw him step in on the mat!
We looked! And we saw him! The cat in the Hat!
Don’t forget about the classic Dr. Seuss! These silly rhyming stories will twist your tongue, but they are great for teaching kids important early literacy skills – rhyming and repetition! So even if your tongue isn’t quick or slick, sir”, “Try them, try them, and you may! Try them and you may, I say.”

Bob and Otto

“Bob climbed…and he climbed…and he climbed..
and he climbed… until he was very high in the tree.
Otto dug…and he dug…and he dug…
and he dug.. until he was very deep under the tree.”
This story is about two very good friends – Bob (caterpillar) and Otto (worm). It is a cool look at both of their symbiotic relationship with the tree. Cute story on friendship! A very requested story in our house. Ages 2-8

How do Dinosaurs Say Good Night

“How does a dinosaur say good night when Papa comes in to turn off the light? Does a dinosaur slam his tail and pout?”
I don’t know if it is because kids have a natural fascination with dinosaurs, the fun illustrations, or that the dinosaurs are hilarious misbehaving the first half of the book – but these books are just plain fun! There is a whole slug of them: How Does a Dinosaur Eat His Food?, How Does a Dinosaur Get Well Soon?, How do Dinosaurs go to School?, and more. Ages 2-8

Kiss Good Night

“Sam leaned back on his mama’s soft belly, and it wriggled while she talked. The little fire glowed and the kitchen was warm. All through the night, Mrs. bear and Sam sat in the big purple chair and waited. And finally it snowed.”
I love the relationship between Sam & his Mama, the beautiful illustrations, and the sweet simplicity of these stories about Sam. My kiddos have enjoyed each and every one of them: Don’t you feel well Sam?, You can Do it Sam!, and Where’s My Hug? Ages 2-8

If you Give a Pig a Pancake

“If you give a pig a pancake, she’ll want some syrup to go with it.
You’ll give her some of your favorite maple syrup.
She’ll probably get all sticky, so she’ll want to take a bath.”
There are a few of these cute, simple, fun-to-read books. The kids always enjoy them. Also check out: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, If you Give a Cat a Cupcake, and If you Give a Moose a Muffin. With the cute illustrations, silly text, and fun animals it is sure to be a hit in your home too. Ages 2-7

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

“There was a storm of pancakes one morning and a downpour of maple syrup that nearly flooded the town. A huge pancake covered the school. No one could get it off because of its weight, so they had to close the school.”
This is such a cute, fun story! The Grandpa is telling this story about the town of Chewsandswallow where instead of raining rain, it rains the towns meals. Such a fun, crazy, ridiculous story – LOVE it! I love the illustrations of tomato soup in an upside down umbrella & The Chewandswallow Digest story “Spaghetti Ties up Town!” I know they made a movie of this (which is good & VERY clean!), but you have to read the book. 5 Stars from us! Ages 3-9

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