FREE Trigraph Readers

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

FREE Trigraph Readers

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These trigraph little readers are excellent for children in higher Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2. As kids progress in their reading they have to get used to puzzling out more consonants being together in a word, so these little readers will help them practice!
FREE Trigraph Readers! These are great as readers master digraph and a ready for 3 consonant blends of spl, scr, and shr in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. These are great for literacy centers, homeschooling, and extra practice for summer learning.

How to prepare

Download the Trigraph Little Readers below, print them off, then fold according to the instructions. They just need one slit cut in the paper and you'll have a little 8-page book from each printed page.

What is a Trigraph

Do your little ones love to read? These sweet little trigraph readers are excellent for learning new vocabulary.

What is a trigraph?  It's not too difficult to explain,  tri- means three (like triangle and tricycle).

In this case, it means 3 letters placed together and each letter is important to the final sound of the word.

In this set the three trigraphs are scr..., shr..., and spl...
  • scrape, scraps, scratch, scream, screen and scrub.
  • shred, shrill, shrink, shrivel, shrub and shrug.
  • splash, splat, splay, splint, splinter and splits.

How to use these trigraph little readers

Practice reading fluency and new vocabulary with these free little trigraph readers!

Firstly, have a chat about trigraphs and what they are. Look down the vocabulary list on the back page of one of the readers, look closely at the words and work out how to pronounce them. If they're not sure of meaning it will become clearer as they read the book since the words are used in context.

Before reading the books, look through the pages and find as many trigraphs as you can. Use a highlighter or underline these words. Can they find the 2 extra trigraphs that are not in the vocabulary lists? (Tip: threw and spread)

Finally, read through the books together, giving support if needed and talk about word meanings and how else the vocabulary words could be used.

Looking for more FREE little readers?

Download Trigraph Readers

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