Snowman Counting Activity for Preschool

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Snowman Counting Activity for Preschool

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Frosty the snowman, lalalalalalala...  How I adore snowmen, partly because we only see snow on rare occasions here in South Africa(and can't build real snowmen), but more because they are just so cute! Especially a friendly fella like this counting snowman!

Snowman Counting Activity - This is such a fun fine motor counting activity for toddler, preschool, and kindergarten age kids. Perfect snowman activity for January

I found these awesome compartment trays in a local plastic shop and we've been doing a lot of Christmas tray activities with it.

Today we are counting AND working those fine motor skills with this fun setup!

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Snowman Counting Activity 

You will need:
  • A tray like this or a tray with 3 loose small cups/bowls
  • Buttons
  • Cotton pads
  • Black felt
  • Black and orange marker
  • White marker or Tipex pen

Simply add the cotton wool to the tray in the shape of a snowman. Draw the face using the markers. Cut some hats(I cut 10) from the felt and number them(I used a Tipex pen for this).

Ready to play and learn? Picking up the buttons work on fine motor skills. Placing the buttons onto the right spot works on hand eye coordination. Your child will need to be able to recognize numbers and count it out for this activity. For younger children, only work with number 1-3 or use dots rather than the written number. Increase the number of hats(and numbers) as your child develops.

Let your child choose a hat(or, you could add a dice to the game and roll it to determine what number hat to take), count out how many buttons you need according to the number on the hat, and add it to the snowman.

After your older child added lots of buttons, you can reverse the game and take away the next hat you choose. Working on subtraction too.

Extend the activity more by only adding blue buttons, then red buttons etc. This way, you work on visual discrimination skills(sorting) too!

A fun, educational activity for you preschooler or kindergartner! Frosty the Snowman, lalalalalalala....

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  1. What a super activity. It has been bugging me for ages about how I could write on felt. I had never considered a Tipex pen! Thank you.