Presidents Day Tricorne Hats for Kids

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Presidents Day Tricorne Hats for Kids

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If you are looking for a fun President’s Day Kids activity – try making your own Tricorne hats just like our first President George Washington wore.
Presidents Day - Super cute and easy to make Tricorn hats Kids Activity

Tricorne Hats for Kids

Most men in the 18th century wore a three pointed hat called a Tricorne hat. So at the time when our country was fighting our Revolutionary War and we voted on our first president Tricorne hats were a common fashion. Our 1st President George Washington was picture wearing one too.


President’s day Kids Activity

As an activity to celebrate George Washington on President’s Day we made our own, patriotic Tricorne hats.
fold red, white, and blue paper in half lengthwise

You will need 3 pieces of construction paper – red, blue, and white. You will also need a stapler and an optional yellow star. Fold all the papers in half horizontally.

stack the folded red paper on top of the folded blue paper and staple at one side

No put the red folded paper on top of the blue folded paper with the folded side facing down. Staple 2-3 times 1” in from the right edge .

now staple the white and blue paper

Now open it up. Put the right edge of the folded blue paper flush against the folded white paper (again with folded side down) and again staple 1” from edge.  Repeat to attach the red & white papers as before.

staple the last side to make your triangle

This is what you should have.

fit to child's head and staple the top together

Now put the hat on your child’s head. Again, using a stapler, pull the side of the paper closest to your child’s head together and staple to help tighten up the hat and make it fit your child’s head better.

add a patriotic star to the front

If you want, you can attach a yellow construction paper start to the front to complete your red, white & blue patriotic Tricorne hat. My kids thought it was the coolest project and proceeded to march around with their dart guns to play revolutionary war.

FREE President’s Day Mini Unit

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