Simple Christmas Cards Kids can Make

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Simple Christmas Cards Kids can Make

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Here is a simple Christmas Card kids can make themselves. This is such a cute Christmas craft for kids of all ages.
Christmas card Craft for kids - Super cute and simple card kids can make themselves is a great christmas activity for kids of all ages.

With all the fun Christmas Crafts for Kids out there many families focus on helping children make ornaments at Christmas time. I think that having kids make Cards will not only help pass on the Christmas Card tradition, help the recipient feel special with a hand made card, but is also a great way for kids to practice making letters, their name, and writing as well.

This craft is simple enough that toddlers, preschoolers, Kindergartners, and school age children can all make this card with good success.

Simple Christmas Card for Kids

gather your supplies
All you need is an envelope (if you are mailing your card), construction paper folded and cut do a size that will fit in your envelope, some strips of patterned paper (I got a pack of 25 in the Target dollar section), glue, and scissors.

cut strips of paper
Cut your patterned paper into strips about 1/2 – 1” wide.

glue strips of paper on folded cardstock

I like to start with a brown square at the bottom to serve as the tree trunk. Now glue the strips of patterned paper on the front of the card (you may need to help younger children know which way a card should open) making the strips get shorter as you get closer to the top of the paper. This will create the shape of a tree.

make each strip shorter than the one underneath it  

Writing at Christmas Time for Kids

December Christmas Writing Activities for kids
Inside the care your child can write a message to the recipient.  Here is what you can expect children to write by their age:
  • Preschoolers can sign their name at the end and draw a picture inside.
  • Kindergarten kids can copy a simple message if you write it out neatly on a separate sheet of paper.
  • 1st Graders and beyond can craft and write their own message (you can expect some spelling errors in 1st-3rd graders, but that is part of the charm of getting a card from a kid!)

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